Tuesday, June 19, 2012

OMG! This is SO cool!!! Well....I think it is....Cath Kidson book!!!!!

This is my first Cath Kidson item and I am "over the moon" about it!  I had to order it from England but it is so worth it!  And get this...........it came with a cross stitch kit!!!!!  Okay......so I have not got anything new started in my cross stitch category........but I do now!!!!  Take a look at this.........

 It's a little zippered purse!  Is that sweet or what?  And here are some more projects I plan on working on "down the road".  Below is a cowboy chair pad...oh yeah!
Look at this sweet cherry shelf trim....oh, I do love me some cherries!

I also love me some polka dots!  This is a tea cozy.....

If you want to really commit yourself, how about this needlepoint rug.....polka dots, stripes, multi-colored....I love it all!

I love this bag.....it's all about the embellishment!  These are just a few of the wonderful projects in this book.

What do you think?  Is this style something you like?  Tastes change and I was surprised myself when all of a sudden I was loving roses and bright colors and what I like to call "the U.K. style"!  So cozy and homey and right up my alley!  I hope you enjoy these pictures from her book....there is lots more too!  Thank you Cath Kidson!  I'm a fan now and there are more books!  Have a great Tuesday and I hope you have something that gives you joy today!


  1. I love her stuff and colors. That shelf liner is the cutest thing I have ever seen.

  2. We used to have a Cath Kidston store here but sadly it closed down. Guess it didn't do well in this society. Boo! I loved it! I found a site today with bohemian homes -- boy oh boy am I hooked. :) Have a good one. Tammy

  3. How adorable!
    Every single project... adorable, adorable, adorable :)

    I think I have some of her stationary some place . I'll have to check.

    You are going to be a busy gal!

    Keep cool, and craft on !!

    Smiles :)

  4. I have heard of her books, but have never seen one. Oh girl I love that cherry border scarf. I may have to find that book just for that. Thanks for sharing these fun pictures.

  5. Hi Sam,
    That does look like a fun book. I love cherries too. I got six glasses at an estate sale a while back. They are such Happy glasses. I guess galsses can be happy, well who knows for sure.
    I had one of her books at one time I will have to see if I still have it.
    Nancy Jo

  6. Stitch is a great book, I love it!!


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