Wednesday, June 20, 2012

First day of summer and Lesson #2 in wool applique..........

Happy first day of Summer everyone!  Wool and Summer you say?  It is a strange combination but down here in the South...Summer is like Winter in the North.  Right now I have my windows open but it is going to be in the 90's today and once my little brick house heats up (like an oven) I will have to close the windows, close the drapes and turn on the AC.  I'll turn on a few little lamps, light some candles and there you go....cozy just like in the Wintertime!  So you see, it's not so strange after all to do wool applique in the Summer! LOL! 
The last "lesson" I traced and roughly cut out my patterns on the tracing paper and gathered my wool.  Next I chose my pieces of wool and the patterns and ironed them onto the wool.  I trace the patterns onto the dull side of the freezer paper and then iron it onto the wool with the shiny side facing the wool.  You don't iron it for long...I usually just run the iron over it like 10 seconds tops and it sticks!  Freezer paper that you buy at the local grocery store!  Who knew? 
Below and above is what it looks like after I've ironed them all onto the wool.

Next is cutting them out on the tracing lines and I end up with all my little pattern pieces that I then "corral" into a container as these pieces (especially the tiny ones) are easily lost...sort of like socks in the dryer! 
So, there you have it........all my little pieces for my next block!  Stay tuned for Lesson #3 when I prep the block for applique.  Happy Summer and stay cool and don't forget the sun block!
P.S.  I have been negligent about visiting you all and I am trying to catch up.  I've just been really working hard around here on other projects and still having a bit of a problem with my pc being extremely SLOW....I'm really hoping I don't need a new one.....ahhhh!  It would really put a crimp in my budget!  We shall see.


  1. That is a lot of pieces to be cut. I can sew how they would get lost. Like socks indeed! I have about 7 single socks for the boys -- Lord only know where the matching one is. They manage to toss them all over the place. After my walk, I didn't venture back out, though I had ever intention to do just that. Even put on makeup. Oh well! Hope your day is great. Tammy

  2. Yes I was thinking wool and summer but with the AC cranking you can be quite comfy.

  3. Impressive!
    You always make such darling things!
    Thanks for the lesson too :)

    Hope you pc shapes up for you.

    Keep cool, and enjoy working on your crafts.

    your friend..

  4. Cool..and I hope you stay cool too! We have had the ac on only one day so far..but that can change quickly. Happy Summer:)

  5. Happy Summer! In the 90s here also but without a/c I just close the drapes, turn off the window fans and turn on the ceiling fans and the house generally stays 20 degrees cooler than the outside temperature. Fortunately, in the evening it usually cools down enough that I can open things back up and pull in the cool night air.


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