Monday, June 18, 2012

Book review and candles too!

 This was an excellent book about a woman's NDE(Near Death Experience).  She's been on PBS with Dr. Wayne Dyer and I'd been wanting to get the book when lo and behold it was at the library!  Coincidence?  I don't think so..........
It was truly a fascinating account and confirmed for me some of my suspicions about illness and our purpose here on  earth.  Her experiences have been validated by numerous physicians.  No matter what your views or religious upbringing, you need to read this book and most certainly if you have a fear of death.

My candles came in the mail!  Supposedly there was a store on McCall's website that said they carried them and it was near Walmart but when I went there they told me they hadn't carried them for years.  Just an F.Y.I, when you look at those store websites that tell you "your nearest retailer" carrying their first!  As it was I was going to Walmart so it wasn't too far out of my way but still it was a waste of gas and my time.  I came home and ordered them online just in time before the heat of summer.  Ordering candles in the "hot" months can be a melted mess!  Ask me how I know this. LOL!  I used to get McCall's candles up North and they were my favorites.  I sort of forgot about them until Elaine over at Sunny Simple Life
reminded me of them.  They happen to be her favorite too!  I got Country Store, State Fair and Raspberry Lemon.  I love them all!  These are my  "scents of Summer".
Oh!  BTW...did any of you watch Anne of Green Gables last night from 6-10 on INSP channel?  I did and it was WONDERFUL!  The story (I've read the whole series), the scenery (filmed on location in Prince Edward Island) and the houses and their decorating sent me to heaven!  I must order the dvds as I could and would watch it over and over again!  Happy Monday everyone and have a wonderful week!

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  1. The book sounds interesting. Haven't heard of those candles before. I bet they smell great. Have a good week. Tammy


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