Thursday, February 16, 2012

Got called into the shop yesterday.....

     I got a call from Sue in the morning that her Mother had fallen and she asked if I could come in and watch the shop from 12:30 to 3:00.  I said no problem as I rushed around to get dressed, eat breakfast and get out the door! LOL!  I used to be such a morning person but not so much anymore....more like a slow boat to China in the mornings!  Anyway, it's 35% off right now and she's closing a week from this coming Saturday so this Saturday will be my last day!  It's so sad and I will miss it as it's been so much fun!  But my journey continues and so does my cleaning out!   I have some empty spaces to prove it too and hopefully more in the future!  Here's few for now.

This is my little stove (non-working) in my kitchen which is a t.v. stand for now as you can probably tell by all the wires!  QUESTION:  IF we have wireless phones and pc's and printers  why can't we have wireless t.v.'s??????????  I despise wires...they absolutely ruin a decorating scene, dust runs to them and my Edna cannot tolerate them at all.  So, if anyone out there in t.v. land is listening....get with the program and the technology.....let's "go wireless or go home"!

I got the blue bookcase at a garage sale last summer.

The bookcase below isn't really destined to remain here in the kitchen but I picked it up at the consignment store and that's as far as it got for now.  There are glass sliding doors for it too.  It's an antiqued green.  Notice how I am already beginning to fill it up though?  Not a good sign!  Please ignore the wallpaper and curtains as they are SO not me!  That was my Mother's decorating...bless her heart and 40 years old too....the decorating, not my Mother.  If she was still here she would have been 96 this year.
So, that's my kitchen right now.  I have the material for the new curtains which doesn't match the wallpaper but that hasn't stopped me so far! LOL!  Oh and look what else I found that I forgot was "heart-shaped" on Valentine's day....there's little hearts in my tablecloth that I never even noticed before. Yet again...another Thrift Store find!  Have a great day...and don't worry...I didn't forget the fact that I still have more cupboards to clean out....ugh.

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  1. I hate to see shops closing, the mall I am at is the only one still open in Orlando. Mornings, I get up at the crack of 10 every morning LOL! That little stove is sooo cute!



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