Monday, February 13, 2012

BIg flakes around here!

I actually took this picture right through the window...screen and all and those flakes are SO BIG you can still see them!  I'm of the opinion that at this time of year things look lots better covered in snow.  You can tell my back yard does not have enough yet.
I'm sorry I didn't post yesterday.  I was busy trying to get ready for this storm.  They're predicting ice after the snow and that usually takes the power with it so I figured I needed to readjust my priorities.  But I did get a few things done the other day which I didn't post yesterday.  One is I moved my cookbook collection to the porch and out of my kitchen.  It's still handy and I need room in my kitchen.

I also got a cupboard cleaned out but it doesn't really look like it as I filled it up again but what you can't see is I have an empty one above the stove now!

I know it probably doesn't look that much better but it's organized now...baking is on the bottom shelf, dry staples are on the 2nd shelf, like bread crumbs, cracker crumbs, dry milk and bisquick.  The 3rd shelf has pasta and grains.
I also post things inside my kitchen cabinet doors such as a substitute ingredient list and recipes for frequently used items that I have put in jars such as tapioca pudding and pancake instructions etc.
 I better go get my soup going for supper and "make hay while the snow flies".  The possibility of going without power for any length of time (after the last ice storm) really motivates a person to get things done!
Have a great and cozy day wherever you are!

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  1. Your cabinet looks nice and orderly to me. I have been doing some cleaning and rearranging in the kitchen., too. I understand your need to find another place for your books. They are necessary to have but sometimes take up much needed space as you said. I keep moving mine around trying to find the perfect home for them. If you would like, link your organized cabinet to my party tonight at 8 EST. Would love to have you there. -------Shannon


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