Monday, August 9, 2010

Ok.....I'm staying BUSY!!!!

I know many of you may hate ironing but to me it is like meditating.....calming, soothing and VERY relaxing and sometimes I can actually solve a problem or do some great thinking while I am ironing....washing dishes is about the same, and hanging clothes outside and digging in the dirt and folding fresh clothes off the line or out of the dryer.  My best thing to do where I really shut out the world and would get "in the zone" as they like to say was when I was riding my horses but alas...they're gone and I have none to ride but oh do I remember that feeling.

I could blog all day....but "my girls" are wanting din-din...forget about's all about them!

I made this picture over 30 years ago for my Mother.  Since she is gone it is back in my hands.  I am wanting to hang it on my new yellow hallway wall but could not find my drywall hooks OR my Command hangers,,,,DARN!  BTW I never noticed it had dogwood flowers on Mom LOVED cardinals and at the time she was not living in AR but she moved here and now I am here and that is the state flower I think...if not it should be!  Anyway...coincidence?

Here is the fireplace DVD I got on clearance with an aquarium one. Of course on the DVD it is an actual fire with movement and snaps and crackles.  It has music or not, snaps and crackles or not and you can pick just one or have them change over time to other fireplaces.  I think this is "the nuts" except with heat advisories out for our area this is not one I will be watching right now but I can't wait until the "snow flies" for this one!  I have a real fireplace but it is in the family room.  I can now have a fireplace in my bedroom!  Check out     You will not regret it....ahhhhh

I got this and the fireplace DVD on clearance and LOVE them!  This has like 8 different scenes, you can pick one or have them change over time, there is music or sound effects or both.  Very calming and I always wanted an aquarium but this is no work involved and no heartbreak when the fish die!  BTW my cat REALLY likes this one!
I don't know about you but when I am dealing with any issue of any kind I try to "work it out" by "working it off".  I am definitely not "focused" right now but I keep moving and doing mundane tasks until I am "okay" or as good as I'm going to get! Ha! Ha! are some the mundanes I did today.

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