Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fall must be coming....I'm storing up food!

Ahhhh....comfort food!  Fall is coming, the leaves are falling from the trees (only because of the high temps and no rain), the squirrels ARE gathering nuts and I have the ac running, curtains drawn and candles's Fall in my little world!

For years I have made cornbread in muffin tins with the cupcake liners and when you peeled off the liner half of the cornbread went with it.  FINALLY....I tried making it in a pan....DUH!  So much there's actually something to put that butter on!

Dessert is on the way!  The strawberries are hulled, rinsed and draining.  I don't remember having to "hull" strawberries when I was younger but then they weren't the size of apples either!

This is torn up angle food cake on the bottom covered with a combo of whipped topping, sugar and cream cheese

Ta Dah!   These are fresh strawberries tossed with a strawberry glaze.

This is Gunline coffee....I usually drink only 1 cup of coffee in the  morning and then water the rest of the day but even taking my vitamins I've had an afternoon slump.  I'm hoping this will take care of it!  I found this recipe on and the original recipe makes 80 servings....I just made one to see if I'd like it and I do!  It's a nice pick me up made with real instant coffee but I also have some decaf on hand in case I want one in the evening.

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  1. My, this looks sooo good! And a cup of coffee with it, yes.


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