Tuesday, August 10, 2010

More reading material......

This is my present reading material....I give more details of each on the right side of my blog...what are YOU reading right now?  You ARE reading aren't you?

This is the premier issue of this magazine and it is wonderful!  I may have to subscribe!  Along with forest ranger, hermit, cowgirl and long-haul truck driver....I also wanted to be a PIONEER!!!!!  I wanted to be Lewis and Clark all by myself or Daniel Boone who they wrote about in this issue.  Are you ever too old to be a pioneer?  If you like being self-sufficient or would like to learn this is the magazine for you!  Great writers, great articles and great photos.  Take a look....at news stands everywhere or request it.  It is published by Harris Publications.   I found it at Wally World.

Ok...I used to do Ebay and need to get back to it!  Here's a start!

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  1. Oh yes, I am definitely reading. I've got books on the nightstand to review for TLC, and lots of magazines calling my name.


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