Thursday, August 5, 2010

I have WAY too many projects going on!!!

I made up this little notebook to try and stay on top of just one area of my life and projects.   Hopefully, it will help me remember which material is for what project!?!?  It may take me a while to figure it all out and some material I may always wonder about. pretty!!!!  New material!!!!  Now that's gotta make a girl feel good!  I have a class to teach (long story) on a sewing project I've never done (a little misunderstanding somewhere along the line) so I found the pattern and got some material and need to get going on it so I have a "finished  item" to show and can demonstrate my knowledge and mastery of the topic (choke).  How DO I get myself into these things?

Trying to organize bills and budget.....I didn't pay them but they're organized!  There was a money program  on Oprah one day that stated that no more than 35% of your income should go to housing and the cost of living there, 15% to transportation, and 25% to the rest of your life.  You should be saving 10% of your income and only have 15% monthly debt.  You can check her website at for details.   Easy for Oprah!  I'll check MY numbers tomorrow...enough for today.

Here he is again...evidently wanting me to focus on my Brocante Home Housekeeper's Planner which is actually not a bad idea!

The Roaming Gnome is bossier than he is helpful!  He just stands around with his hands in his pockets and stares at me reminding me subliminally of all my unfinished projects...pick up a paintbrush bro!
Okay....where are those people that complain about being "bored"?  I would be more than willing to SHARE with them because I have never been bored in my life!  I could live 9 lives, like a cat, and STILL never get it all done!  I have too many interests is the problem on top of the fact that there are things that HAVE to be done if I want to keep the neighbors, the government and the IRS away from my door.  I do love my life but servants would be nice.

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