Friday, May 1, 2009

It has been raining for a week and isn't supposed to end until Tuesday! The good side of it is that I am getting stuff done inside. I FINALLY hooked up my DVD player and a VCR I bought at a garage sale. I have cd's AND tapes so I need both. Also, I have been working on my English paper piecing and I finished it today but while I was ironing it I heard a little "crinkle" sound and realized I had left the paper in the middle of the flower! DUH!!!! I took out all the rest but accidentely left that one in and there it will stay! Cuz I am NOT taking it all apart to take it out! Ha! Ha!

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  1. I also would leave the paper in. It looks nice. It's nice out today here and my neighbor gave me a plant that I need to get in the ground. Have a nice day


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