Thursday, April 30, 2009

Here are 2 of my FAVORITE gardening books. The author is funny, knowledgeable and right on target with being a frugal gardener. This is all about flowers and cottage gardening. I got these used and have read and re-read them. The most enjoyable reading of a gardening book I have ever experienced....reads like a good novel and she is HYSTERICAL!
Above is Russian Sage or Blue Salvia....these are all perennials ie; plant once and enjoy for years! I don't guarantee plant names...I'm no expert! Exactly WHY I need to have a garden journal so I write them down when I plant instead of scratching my head later!

Tickseed Coreopsis? But then deer like them so why are they still here? Makes me wonder if they are Coreopsis after all.....maybe the deer around here are color blind?

Bearded Iris......if I finally get the names straight then I'll have to learn the Latin names in case I ever rub elbows with REAL gardener type people.

This is Columbine.....pale yellow blossoms on this one...SO SWEET and once again, yellow, my FAVORITE color especially the clothing I cannot wear bright yellow but the pale, oh yeah!

These are my chives that NEVER DIE....could be because they are near my dryer vent? I can use them all year round. They are blooming now which means my plant is getting BIGGER AND BIGGER! Herbs have some beautiful flowers too that no one ever mentions. So, just remember, if you plant an herb garden you will benefit in more ways then one! You'll get the herb garden and a flower garden to boot!

I ran out in-between rain to take these pictures. It has rained and rained and rained....there's flood watches all over the place. I want to start a garden journal so I will remember from year to year when the different plants bloom so I can fill my different flower beds with plants that bloom at different times so where ever I look there will always be something blooming. High hopes huh?

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  1. I just love plants, Yours look great. We've had some rain and are suppose to get more later today.
    My son wants some gardening ideas this week-end. If its nice we are going to paint the deck and discuss what he wants to grow in his garden. He works 70 hours a week so I'm telling him to start small.


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