Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Whew....tired from all that quilting yesterday

Well, we're starting to put our quilt blocks together in class. Mine isn't "together" yet but here's a picture of the one that we are making. This is the quilt that the teacher's made.


  1. Isn't that pretty? I like the dark trim, really brings out the colors.
    Yes we must be a lot alike, now its the silverware. Glad I'm not alone in this one, alot of people I know are apt to say,"what do you want all that old silverware for?"Its got a history and its pretty and its way way stronger! So there.
    Not much going on so far today, still cool out this morning, suspose to get up to around 60. Making a stir fry for dinner with my leftover chicken. Changed the sheets, etc etc. Was thinking about going to the thrift but haven't decided yet.
    Keep quilting, I think you are doing a great job.
    Hugs Nancy Jo

  2. It looks nice. I was busy with taking care of everyone else. Maybe tomorrow I'll take care of me and go to the thrift store with Nancy. Only problem not much money, I do want a nice top to wear to my son's party, his boss is giving him one for all his accomplishments and I want to look nice. I will Quilt someday.

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