Monday, April 27, 2009

Behind the eightball......

Quilt class is tomorrow and we're supposed to have ALL our blocks done. I've been working all day and only have one done with 2 more to go....woe is me!

Here's the one I finished...Blazing Star which was paper pieced....that is time consuming...whew! I better get back at it!


  1. My goodness Sam, its to bad you and Karin don't live close, you both really love this quilting thing. Look how much you have learned already. Boy, they give a lot of homework don't they. I would be doing good to get just one done. Anyway they are really looking good.
    Nancy Jo

  2. I just read where you were thinking about giving up your Blog because no one reads it or leaves you a message. I know how you feel. I decided only to blog on Thursdays, I do it for myself but it's nice when you get a comment. Your quilting is very nice. I plan on trying it when I get free time. Which is not easy to get.

  3. Wow, that is beautiful!! I am inspired. I see a note below that you are thinking of giving up the blog, please don't...I just signed up as a follower the other day! I am gearing up to start quilting and anxious to read and see your adventures in the quilting world. kpaints


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