Thursday, March 14, 2019

Sunny, windy, warm and blossoming!

Some of the plants got a little beaten down in the heavy rain we had after they started opening up but they're perking back up..........

These are the tiger lilies coming up.........I rarely see blooms as the deer love them!
There are Asian lilies in the front yard and the deer don't get that close to the house so they usually bloom and they smell wonderful.......
Everything is budding out................

See the Bradford Pear buds getting ready to flower?
and the clematis has come alive..........

Today, I actually sat down and worked on 2019 Goals..........I know, a bit late but in reading the budgeting book and also Prairie Homestead podcast......they both were talking about setting goals.  Now, when I had my career and family I was the biggest goal setter you ever saw but when I retired I figured why bother?  Well, actually it's more important that ever now as I am on 'the short list' for time left on this planet and I still have things I want to accomplish.  Truth be told it feels like I'm spinning my wheels.  So to have 2 incidences where Goal setting was front and center....well, I don't believe in coincidence so I sat down today and got serious!  They need to be fine tuned but they are specific and measurable and I also learned that along with budgeting your money, you also need to budget your time.  It seems pretty obvious but when you're retired it's like 'la-la land' and you pretty much think there's always tomorrow.....but there might not be!  So, I  have got to get busy and get things accomplished so I CAN sit back and enjoy my retirement without all this stuff weighing me down physically and mentally.

 Excuse the notes at the top...when I hear or see something that I want to look into further I write notes at the top of my journal pages.  Anyway, I feel better now that I have them and an action plan to boot.  Now if I could only be infused with extra energy to get it all done! LOL!
My socks bit the dust yesterday....the toe up socks.... so to 'cleanse my palate' of the bad taste in my mouth.........I started on a dishcloth....easy and satisfying after my bitter defeat by the socks!
My sidekick,  Grace kept me company.......she does not get into my yarn...just Miss Peeps.  To think she almost died and now is so healthy........I am so grateful!  She's a sweetheart.
I hope the wind dies down where you are and the sun comes out and the snow melts to reveal GREEN! 
Happy Trails!!!


  1. I probably should set more goals for myself. I just drift day to day. I make crafting goals and that’s about it. We would like to make more definitive plans for retirement, but my back could put a stop to a lot of those previously made plans. We ARE 90% sure we’ll be moving back to Nebraska or Iowa to be near family, but where or what kind of home we’re not sure of. The future seems so unsettled and THAT unsettles me! I’m a planner.
    Anyway, I hope your weather calms down a bit. We’re actually warming up to the 40’s here and having some of the massive amounts of snow begin to melt. Yippee!
    Blessings, Betsy

    1. Wouldn't that be something if we both ended up in the midwest at the same time. I hope I am there sooner rather than later. I'm a planner too and the fact that I want to move does not inspire me to spend time on this house but I must. I can't wait to find my own little cottage or farmhouse. Maybe you could plan on what you want when you get there! Blessings to you too and glad you are finally warming up!

  2. You don't give yourself enough credit. Seems to me you're already very organized and have set good goals for yourself. But I know there's always room for improvement; at least there is for me! I did some massive cleaning, sorting, rearranging in our bedroom closets (my side) yesterday and still have more to finish up today. Gosh, but that felt good! I'd been avoiding it, but MADE myself start. Have you ever heard the saying, "The best way to accomplish a project is to start?" How true, how true. :o]

  3. I'm good at the starting's the finishing I have problems with. Remember my Konmari with the books? They are still sitting on the living groom floor. Remember the blackboard paint for the back door? It still needs another coat....remember the headboard where the stencils showed through so I was going to seal with Kilz? The Kilz is sitting there but it has not been applied to the headboard...see what I mean? What happens is many days by the time I get done with regular chores I am too tired to work on these other projects. Woe is me. But the written goals are helping...I hope! Good for you with the closet! Yay!!!!!!

  4. It's been spring like here for awhile and all is in bloom with butterflies and all sorts of flying things fluttering about. I'm hoping the nice weather will last at least another month before the heat sets in. Good luck with your goals. I am so bad at sticking to any sort of schedule or routine and often feel guilty for not accomplishing more on a daily basis. I'm very much prone to procrastination and tossing to-do lists.

  5. Fun to see your yard come alive with green! :) Lately we just do obe day at a time:)

  6. Oh my goodness! It looks like spring there! LOVE!


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