Saturday, June 3, 2017

It depresses me to spend money!

Unless it's on fiber! LOL!  But I had to bite the bullet and get a weed whacker so I researched and thought I could get a decent one for about $100 but not me...oh no....I ended up spending around $220 because the $100 ones had 6 steps just to get it started...and there was no push button start in case I needed it so...yada, yada, yada.  I must admit they were very nice and gave me one already assembled because one part literally takes 2 people!
I also, got 2 containers of 2 cycle oil and an entire reel of cord so it was really about $180 before I added all the extras but they didn't charge me for assembly which is usually $30.00....I can put things together but the guy there said it took 2 of them to put this one piece on.  Who thinks up these things?  They need more women engineers!  I still need a gas can to mix the gas and oil and he said non-ethanol is best but where can you get that?    Even he wasn't sure but he said it would last longer if I could find non-ethanol.  I got a 2 gallon gas can at the Dollar store for $13.00....this was an expensive day!

  Not a pretty post but that was my day!  BTW, the Penelope movie didn't said it was 1 1/2 hours so I thought it was the movie but it was a 5 minute preview.  I did have a glass of 7-Up but I was too full from supper to make popcorn.  I was going to try out my weed whacker but I am pretty tired now and it is looking like rain.  I hope you had a good Saturday!
Happy Trails!

Friday, June 2, 2017

Fun Friday!!!

Okay, well some of you might not think my plans are fun but I am blessed to be able to find enjoyment in the simplest of pleasures.............
I'm planning on a movie tonight, Penelope, as was mentioned in Maker's Haven podcast awhile back and it is FREE on You Tube!  There will be popcorn and I even bought myself some 7-Up.  When I was little my Aunt Alice would have my cousins and I over for popcorn and 7-Up and t.v. on Sunday might have been Ed Sullivan for all I know.  Back then there wasn't much on for kids.
But we had fun, I know that!  So, I have decided to bring back those fun times although this time I won't jump on the furniture like I did back then! LOL!  (My Aunt Alice didn't have I know why!).
 As for today, I was trying to focus on the July birthday presents (I've only had a year to get this done and here it is a month away!)  I did work on them some and will tonight but I had a load of laundry to wash and hang out as rain is fore casted for the weekend.  I also had no bread so needed to make that....speaking of..... it is ready to go in the oven...excuse me for a minute............there...375 for 26 minutes.........this is it before baking..............
and after it should look like this (from the cookbook, Apples for Jam)............this is my second time making this bread recipe and it is excellent bread for just about anything..........
Except, I am reading a book on Real Food (nothing refined or processed) and she has a website/blog 100 Day Real Food Challenge  with lots of the stuff from the book I'm sure.  Anyway, I am  using up all my refined and processed food and slowly converting to all Real Food so there will be no more white bread after I get through with my white flour! LOL!  I'm just getting to her recipes in the book I have ,so stay tuned for future developments!  I hope you have a nice, relaxing and fun Friday night!
Happy Trails!

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Happy June!!!!

I'm off to a good start, the internet problem is fixed and they're offering to increase my speed for no extra they sounds a bit too good to be true so I'll see!  As it was the 1st day of a new month I needed to get ready in my bullet journal so I did a bit of 'gussying up' and added a few more pages..........I now have 2 pages of Habit Trackers for daily tasks....not a good sign and that doesn't even take into account the pets and their 'needs'.
I've also been adding some little pictures of the weather and the high and low temps for the day.........
I added a monthly chores page as some of these tasks were slipping through the cracks!  Excuse my attempt at some artsy lettering.....I am really no good at it..........but I try and it's coloring and drawing when I was a child....although I think I was better back then! LOL!
Here's another new page to help me keep track of podcasts and where I am in each series.......when I start watching  a new podcast I usually start from their first episode.........
And I better show you this one before I fill it out.............I think my grandchildren would do better artwork than me!  The ones on Pinterest look so pretty.  I mean really, how hard is it to draw a Christmas tree?  Evidently for me it is a real challenge! LOL!  
Although I was pretty pleased with my little underscore of evergreen and pine cones with berries.....maybe smaller is better for me.............
 I guess I should be looking into some art classes on Craftsy! LOL!   I'll be catching up with you all tomorrow...hopefully!  It's raining here and yes, the porch roof is leaking................ but it's a cozy night.


Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Internet problems so we'll see how far I get! LOL!

It seems if I try to go to others blogs my internet connection goes down but I called the phone company and they checked and sure enough there was a problem (cables buried under the road problem) so it won't be fixed until Thursday night at the latest.  Meanwhile it is intermittent and has been going on since Memorial might have to do with that storm we had Saturday night  although the cables are buried under the ground but then so was my propane line when it got hit! LOL!
I was trying to do Yarn Along Wednesday but not sure I'll be able to link to her....we'll see.  Meanwhile, I have been very productive and was going to blog yesterday when the internet went down...arg!  I've been trying to do my 'big rocks first' instead of cleaning up the house and doing dishes, laundry etc.  They need to be done too, don't get me wrong, but I will always find time to fit those in as I could do them in my sleep.  It's the real priorities that I end up not getting to!
So this morning I got right to it and went outside and planted yellow and green bush beans in planters and watered all my outside plants.  I also planted a big container of radishes.  We have a long growing season so as long as I can keep them watered they should be fine.  I also painted a coat on my already primed plant stand.  But the most fun I had and the cutest thing is my fairy garden........
 It is an indoor Fairy Garden with houseplants and I 'submerged'  a votive candle so they could have their own little fire pit!  I know I'm taking a big risk bringing Fairies into the house but hey, they can't be any worse than Miss Peeps!  There's a little birdhouse in the back, a ceramic chicken and a silver bird and of course some rocks.  I think they need a few more things but for now this is good!
Remember these?  My Christmas Eve cast on socks?  Yes, that's how they were left...not even half done and if I don't hurry up it will be Christmas Eve before I finish them!  I am on the heel flap of the first sock and I love the West Yorkshire Spinner's yarn and the colors just scream Christmas don't they?  I am using Susan B. Anderson's How I Make my Socks is my go to vanilla sock pattern and I love it.............
 Yesterday I made 18 teeny weeny stars for my little flag pillow and the back is done also.........
 Now I just have to weave all those ends in.........these were so fun to make but tiny....I think I will try some bigger ones with bigger yarn....................
YOP is usually gifts on Sunday but during the week I can show personal family only knows not to look at the Sunday blog with the YOP sign at the top! LOL!
I've been working a little bit on my Beatrix Potter blanket but very little as you can see by the progress keeper..................
Finally, the internet is staying up long enough for me to post this...PTL!
Happy Trails!

Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Day honors to all those who suffered, and to some who still do, in defense of our country....

    I think our veterans who have served in past wars would be embarrassed by how we seem to put less and less emphasis on human life and suffering.  We kill civilians, children, we bomb hospitals, we use drones so we don't get out hands dirty.  For such a 'christian' nation it always strikes me as odd that we still have the death penalty and we still send young people off to kill others.  Wars are seldom about protection but more about greed and power and the people that authorize them always ensure their family isn't involved or if they are, they ensure they are in a 'safe job' away from the 'front'.  So this Memorial Day, I wish to honor all those who served willingly, yet knew they would struggle if it came time to kill someone else.....some come home and continue to struggle.  Bless their hearts, their souls and the families that mourn them.  As a 'christian' nation with 'family values'.....I think that we can come up with a better way then sending our young men and women off to kill or be killed, maim or be maimed.  With all the brilliant minds out there I pray they can come up with a better way.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

YOP Week #49

Only 3 more weeks????  Then comes YOP Year #7!  I better get planning!  Although I have a few things in mind for all the WIP's from past YOP years! LOL!  But for this week here is what I've been doing and it really isn't's been a week of storms, trying to keep up with the buckets and bowls from the leaky roof.....yes.........still and then laundry when the sun shines and trying to hide my head  under the covers at night away from the lightening! LOL!  But it's Spring so it is to be least here in the Ozarks.
I did work on my shawl but my count was off so I had to rip back about 6 rows so it looks no different than last week even though I worked on it........I did manage to knit up the giraffe ears and their linings.....did you know giraffe's have ear linings?   
 I  mentioned this earlier this week and it will be on my YOP 2017/2018 list.....I am back to doing some charitable knitting/crocheting and this is The Mother Bear Project and you can find their group on Ravelry
I've already started my first bear..............not too far yet but the head is done.....well the knitting of it anyway...............
and for my goal of wanting homemade everything including holiday decor.....I am making this for the Memorial looks smaller in the picture but it is probably 12 X 7 inches...a little pillow when I get done.  The front is done except for crocheted stars and I have started the back which is a separate blue piece the same size.  I still have a few ends to weave in (great for t.v. watching) and I had all the yarn in my 'stash'  and the pattern was free! You can't beat that kind of a project! Here's a link
 Hers looks much nicer than mine but then I'm not finished yet simple....just HDC's throughout except for the stars.
My focaccia turned out great last can actually slice it in half and use it for sandwiches....really tasty! 

That's all for this YOP week!  Have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend if you are in the U.S. otherwise just have a safe and happy weekend!
Happy Trails!