Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Day honors to all those who suffered, and to some who still do, in defense of our country....

    I think our veterans who have served in past wars would be embarrassed by how we seem to put less and less emphasis on human life and suffering.  We kill civilians, children, we bomb hospitals, we use drones so we don't get out hands dirty.  For such a 'christian' nation it always strikes me as odd that we still have the death penalty and we still send young people off to kill others.  Wars are seldom about protection but more about greed and power and the people that authorize them always ensure their family isn't involved or if they are, they ensure they are in a 'safe job' away from the 'front'.  So this Memorial Day, I wish to honor all those who served willingly, yet knew they would struggle if it came time to kill someone else.....some come home and continue to struggle.  Bless their hearts, their souls and the families that mourn them.  As a 'christian' nation with 'family values'.....I think that we can come up with a better way then sending our young men and women off to kill or be killed, maim or be maimed.  With all the brilliant minds out there I pray they can come up with a better way.


  1. As Christians, we seem to have gotten far away from the way Jesus said his followers should treat their enemies. Luke 6. Something to think about.

  2. Where have all our young men gone, long time passing, where have all our young men gone, long, long ago? Where have all our young men gone? Gone to graveyards every one. Oh when we will ever learn? Oh when will we ever learn.

  3. Well said. I can add nothing.
    Blessings my friend.

  4. You have voiced exactly what I feel. You would think that we'd learn from the past. Instead, history keeps repeating itself; men believe that it is weapons that make them powerful. We should all strive to be apostles of peace rather than soldiers of war.


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