Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Internet problems so we'll see how far I get! LOL!

It seems if I try to go to others blogs my internet connection goes down but I called the phone company and they checked and sure enough there was a problem (cables buried under the road problem) so it won't be fixed until Thursday night at the latest.  Meanwhile it is intermittent and has been going on since Memorial might have to do with that storm we had Saturday night  although the cables are buried under the ground but then so was my propane line when it got hit! LOL!
I was trying to do Yarn Along Wednesday but not sure I'll be able to link to her....we'll see.  Meanwhile, I have been very productive and was going to blog yesterday when the internet went down...arg!  I've been trying to do my 'big rocks first' instead of cleaning up the house and doing dishes, laundry etc.  They need to be done too, don't get me wrong, but I will always find time to fit those in as I could do them in my sleep.  It's the real priorities that I end up not getting to!
So this morning I got right to it and went outside and planted yellow and green bush beans in planters and watered all my outside plants.  I also planted a big container of radishes.  We have a long growing season so as long as I can keep them watered they should be fine.  I also painted a coat on my already primed plant stand.  But the most fun I had and the cutest thing is my fairy garden........
 It is an indoor Fairy Garden with houseplants and I 'submerged'  a votive candle so they could have their own little fire pit!  I know I'm taking a big risk bringing Fairies into the house but hey, they can't be any worse than Miss Peeps!  There's a little birdhouse in the back, a ceramic chicken and a silver bird and of course some rocks.  I think they need a few more things but for now this is good!
Remember these?  My Christmas Eve cast on socks?  Yes, that's how they were left...not even half done and if I don't hurry up it will be Christmas Eve before I finish them!  I am on the heel flap of the first sock and I love the West Yorkshire Spinner's yarn and the colors just scream Christmas don't they?  I am using Susan B. Anderson's How I Make my Socks is my go to vanilla sock pattern and I love it.............
 Yesterday I made 18 teeny weeny stars for my little flag pillow and the back is done also.........
 Now I just have to weave all those ends in.........these were so fun to make but tiny....I think I will try some bigger ones with bigger yarn....................
YOP is usually gifts on Sunday but during the week I can show personal family only knows not to look at the Sunday blog with the YOP sign at the top! LOL!
I've been working a little bit on my Beatrix Potter blanket but very little as you can see by the progress keeper..................
Finally, the internet is staying up long enough for me to post this...PTL!
Happy Trails!


  1. WOW! Look at all of the things you've accomplished. I'm so glad you like that yarn. It looks great knitted up. AND, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your fairy garden and it has it's own campfire! I may have to make one of those up for the winter here when I can't go camping. Your stars, (all of those ends!), and blanket are looking great too.

    Hope your internet woes are solved very soon. That can be so frustrating.

    1. Yes, it's staying up but no wi-fi so I could not watch t.v. or read on my tablet. I think he knew it wasn't fixed when he left because he didn't want me to call the company but that he would call me this morning to check....uh uh....right. So, hopefully tonight I will have some wi-fi .....I do fine living alone but it is because of my blog friends, and the fact that I can get the weather and news and some t.v. in the evening otherwise I do feel like the last person on earth! LOL!

  2. Your Fairy Garden is real cute. Sometime I just hope to get two main things done in a day and then go from there! I hope you get your INternet fixed! :)

    1. Me too....and I think you are right about a couple main things. I must admit, I did feel better about getting a few things done that don't have to be re-done on a daily basis! LOL! Progress...however small is still progress.

  3. Glad to see you were able to post. We often have internet problems. I think it is just system overload at times. Hope they get yours sorted. Your fairy garden is lovely. A friend made two for the secret garden, but sadly, bratty kids in the neighborhood couldn't just leave them alone. They were both demolished. I've asked if she would do a kids workshop next season where everyone can make their one, so hopefully that will happen. She had some really cute ideas. Good luck getting those socks finished. I have so many UFOs. Happy June!

    1. Yes, I can post and use my pc as it is wired to the modem but wi-fi is not working at all so no t.v., no podcasts, no kindle books unless I want to sit in front of my pc at night which I don't! LOL! I want to be reclined in bed watching my t.v. doing some handwork and then I want to reach for my tablet and read my books. I am so spoiled! It's like the weed whacker...pioneers did not have weed whackers but then at my age I need all the help I can get! LOL!

  4. Hi Sam! :) I really love that fairy garden, and don't worry, as long as you leave them a little honey milk, they'll be happy. :) Plus if you're lucky, they'll clean the house for you, but if you thank them, they'll be insulted so just go with it! :) A little fairy lore there! :)


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