Friday, August 2, 2013

Running around...........

 It's not much but my little lettuce patch  has fed me all summer just when I need some lettuce for a BLT or to put some on an egg salad sandwich.   I'm going to try and grow some on my sun porch this Winter.
 Remember when I planted the end of my celery from the store?  Here it is!  No huge stalks but plenty for my potato salad or soup or whatever. 
 All the flowers seem to be doing well this year..........

 Here's my onions from the grocery store that I planted.  They were in water and rooted like crazy....I'll show you in a week or so when they start really growing.  I like this pot because I can bring it in for my Winter/Indoor garden.

  I divided and transplanted some lilies into the vegetable garden that was.  It's one of a few perennials you can transplant in the middle of the Summer.  They seem to have taken well.  There's also another plant that was in a pot that I stuck in there too.  It's purple and smells like lavender but it isn't.  Hmmm....can't remember the name of it now.  The greenery growing on the front left is a weed!
 Yesterday I took Nitty to the vet for her allergy shot and I forgot to get Frontline when I was there.  So, today I had to go to Walmart and I went to the vet too.........I'm tuckered now!
I've had my pizza, a glass of red wine and now I'm going to curl up with the girls, the t.v., and these!
I hope you have a great Friday evening and have wonderful plans for your weekend! 

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  1. your flowers are beautiful and the veggies look wonderful. Love the onions can't wait to see them when you post next :)


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