Thursday, August 1, 2013

A few setbacks! LOL!

I was making pizza last night and went out to get basil and it had bugs on my one plant but thank goodness the other one was okay.  Then I went to get some parsley and..........
 See the worms or caterpillars or whatever?   At first I thought they were the horn worms I had last year that destroyed my tomatoes but they were solid green and these don't have horns and they are gorgeous with their green and yellow and black coloring.  But as you can see they have voracious appetites!
So much for my parsley!
Arkansas is Nature heaven for nature but not for gardeners.... this is a blurry photo but it was a baby deer in my back yard.........
Bambi, I'm sure!
 And then there's my little hummers that I feed.........hard to get a shot of them.......
They're right outside my kitchen window....
 I didn't let any of it deter me though and went on to make my pizza.........

 It looked great going into the oven.............

 And even better coming out....
 Until I looked at my nice clean oven......that I had JUST cleaned that morning.....AHHHHHHH!

Oh well, I guess I'll get to clean it again but meanwhile I did enjoy that pizza!  Hope you had a great day and that YOUR oven stays clean longer than mine! LOL!


  1. Something is eating all my dye plants and I'm so not impressed, so you do have my sympathy. I don't have a big enough garden to do as a friend suggested and grow enough for the bugs and me, and anyway if I grew more I suspect I'd just get more bugs!

  2. I don't have a garden this year so don't know much about the bugs but that worm honestly is pretty even if he did eat everything. A worm pretty? I guess so :) Your pizza looked so delicious and I bet the mess in the oven was worth it :)

  3. Those worms look similar to the ones I got on my dill last year. Not sure what they are called either.

  4. Your pizza looks delicious. We have been cooking our pizzas on the grill this summer. Bugs are pretty, but do a lot of damage. Hope you have a great weekend!


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