Monday, August 20, 2012

My new Fall wardrobe....................from the Thrift Store! LOL!

A nice corduroy blouse....I LOVE me some corduroy!  And flowers too....looks like those wonderful English flower prints.  I paid no more than $3.00 each for all the clothes I am showing you....a total of $27.00 for my Fall wardrobe!  Below is a soft flannel the red!

2 pairs of soft knit slacks with pockets (I have to have pockets!)
These are more summery but it will be warm for awhile yet....they're cotton...
These are 2 blouses that need to be ironed and then a knit one on the top.....
There you have it!  It may not be glamorous but for $27.00 it works for me! LOL!  Hope you had a great Monday!


  1. Thrifty, frugal, down to earth. These are words that describe you, my friend, and I think that is the best kind of description. Love your wardrobe! Take care.


  2. Sounds like you had a fun day shopping.

  3. I love winter wear! I love flannel! I love sweat pants! I love fleece! All things warm and cozy but especially COMFY! AND I love me some thrift store finds!

  4. For $27? Great buys! I guess the weather will be changing soon and I should start shopping at thrift stores myself--it won't be long til cold weather hits us.

  5. Hi Sam,
    Now see you are all set for fall. Thrift stores are very high end places to shop and you proved it. The English folks would be very proud of you. It all looks very cozy. And yes its to early to put up the tree, but you can press some leaves if you find any.
    Nancy Jo

  6. Hi Sam!
    You are going to be styling girl!
    I love that you were able to find such cute things, and at such great prices!

    Hopefully soon... we'll all be needing a Fall wardrobe!

    I'm still melting, and I feel like a little puddle~~~~LOL!

    Have a happy day!

    Smiles :)

  7. On my way home yesterday, I noticed a tree that had leaves that had already changed. Already??? That wardrobe looks cozy, just like a fall wardrobe should be!

  8. Hey there, Sam! We just returned from Germany where there was a thrift store in the old part of town. I didn't even go in as we were always headed someplace else. I should have checked out what was available in a German thrift store. :) Glad to see you finished your tablerunner. I love your felt blocks -- they are all so very pretty. Take care! Tammy


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