Thursday, July 26, 2012

Severe thunderstorms! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!

Yep..clouds rolling in and warnings and thunder and lightning..........
I thought I wasn't going to be able to post as the electric went out once already but I'm hurrying up!
I went to iron today and got out my iron and ironing board and my ironing and my Magic Sizing Spray that I use to spray on my ironing.  I have my Mom's old iron and the steam part no longer works so I spray.
Well......the Magic Sizing spray can fell of the board, hit the floor and broke the nozzle clean off!  There was no way to repair it and it was a brand new full can!  I wasn't going to run to the store for 1 thing....remember my rule....there has to be 3 places I need to go before I take the car out of the garage! LOL!  So, I figured I would fill a spray bottle with water and muddle through.....but after I filled it I thought....hmmmm....why not put a little scent in it.  I had some essential oil from Walmart (probably not the real stuff was what I had) and it was in the "linen" scent.  I use it to scent my homemade laundry perfect was that?

 It worked great!  Got my ironing done and the car never left the garage and I didn't spend a penny!  And my fresh clean ironed clothes smelled SO good!
Then I went and made another batch of eggplant parmesan.........yum!
Now it's time for jammies, hot tea and some's still raining and thundering...SO COZY!
The Olympics start tomorrow!!!!!!!  Esther, over at Happy in Red is actually going to be at the Olympics!  
I hope you had a great Thursday!


  1. We are getting rain here too and a little thunder and lightening. I have never made eggplant parmesian. Probably because the eggplants are never fresh here.

  2. So happy for you that you are getting rain!!
    What a blessing!!

    Love that 3 rule of yours!
    I need to adopt that one.
    I ran over to the bank and store(10 miles away)this morning, got home and remembered I still needed to go to Walmart, and IFA (the feed store).
    Shoot and bagooties... back I went... another 20 mile round trip.
    I think I need some Ginko bilopa!!

    Have a great night :)


  3. Yay for you and your rain! We have had rain off and on and are expecting more tomorrow (oops today, I just looked at the clock). It will be a great relief as the heat is really working on me. I l-o-v-e eggplant parmesan. Your dish looked really good.

    I like your 3 place rule. I try to follow something close to that if at all possible. I save things up and try to only make trips a couple of times a week. It's not the far to do shopping and such but still, I want to save gas and lower my footprint all I can.

    Have a great day and I will be right there with you watching the opening ceremony. Maybe I will finally get started on the baby blanket.


  4. Oh how I love a thunderstorm but we do not get them very often. I am a weather junkie. Love the three stop rule.I could live with that but with kids you just seem to be driving all the time. Today I stayed home all day.Loved it. Umm your dinner looked so good.

  5. That eggplant parmesan is making me hungry. I've seen a lavender spray here for ironing clothes but never bought it. Not sure my boys want their clothes to smell like lavender. Maybe I could spray it on my pillow and have a really good night's sleep. :) Glad to see you got some rain. Friday has arrived. Let the games begin. Best wishes, Tammy

  6. We were to get storms yesterday, but we got nothing but a sprinkle. We really need rain.

  7. Hi Sam,
    Oh boy rain, we got some here too. That is a very good thing.
    Scented water sounds great, I will look into that. I like to iron, not sure why but I do. All that farm upbringing, and before permanent press.
    The eggplant looks yummy, but since you don't have three things you need to get right now I guess you can't come here and bring me some.
    Nancy Jo

  8. We finally had rain, too. Our power was out for several hours. But it wasn't enough rain so I still have to water the veggie garden. I love that idea of scenting your water for ironing. Gonna have to try that little trick. Thanks!

  9. We finally got rain that day, too! Not as much as needed, but we'll take it!


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