Monday, July 9, 2012

Off on a tangent again..............

Well....the girls got their treats this morning and although I don't have a picture (they snarfed them down too fast!) they did like them...a lot!

My neighbor came over today and brought me a thank you card with a lovely note inside thanking me for watering their plants and bringing in the mail.  

They also brought me a jar of homemade Gooseberry jam from Rogers, Arkansas.  I was just talking with one of my blogging friends as she had blogged about gooseberries.  I love gooseberries and had them on my little farm so this is very much appreciated! 
They also brought me a $50.00 Walmart gift card which I will be returning!  I couldn't believe they did that!  But it certainly warmed my heart but I cannot accept it.  It's just part of being a good neighbor and that's what I will tell them when I return it.  The jam and card I'll keep!  YUMMY!

I spent a good portion of the day shopping for yarns and supplies online to work on my Ravelry YOP's (year of projects) and I found out I am supposed to post my progress on Sundays on my blog but obviously....I didn't!  I'll be ready next week though.  I went to order something by phone and lo and behold I had no phone service!  I had to go out and check the box outside and hook up a land line to it to determine whether it was the inside wiring or the outside.  It was the phone companies line so at least I'm off the hook financially.  I entered a trouble ticket over the internet and they said they will get to it within 1 day.  I guess I should have a cell phone after all!  
I hope everyone was more productive than I was today!


  1. What nice neighbors you have. They sure were appreciative of your efforts, but the jam and card would be more than enough as a thank you. I can see how you would feel a little uncomfortable accepting the gift card. Glad the doggies like their treats. Our phone died many years ago. The Ministry of Communication said it was a problem from our side. The electrician said it was a problem from the Ministry side. No one could agree. No one could or would fix it so my husband cancelled the service. We've only had our cellphones since, which I don't really like. I hate talking on my cellphone -- heck, I don't even know I have it half the time and that makes my friends mad since they all use iPhones, apps for chatting and do Facebook, etc. Just not my style. :) Have a great day! Tammy

  2. When I retired, I retired my super smart phone and got a cell from tracfone which is very reasonable and works fine. I have it with me when I'm traveling in case I need to contact AAA and my daughter likes to be able to text me. I also got magicjack plus for my landline. you buy the jack and then pay an annual fee for unlimited local and long distance calls within the US. You can get a 5 year plan for $99 so it sure beats monthly fees for service. You just plug the jack into a power outlet and then use the rj45 cable to connect to your wireless router and the phone plugs into that. So anyway, being a good neighbor feels good. How nice of them to bring you gifts.

  3. How kind of your neighbours but I know what you mean, I would give it back to. It's always good to help you never know when you might need a helping hand.
    Shopping for yarn bliss.
    I went to look for the Ravelry group you mentioned but could not find it, is it called Craft along?
    best wishes Julie.C


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