Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Baking, crafting and reading...........Tasty Tuesday!

Made my favorite cookies.........peanut butter!   This time I tried using Stevia which is a natural sweetener and cup for cup used like sugar.  Other than it being lighter in weight and easier to roll the cookies in I noticed no difference as opposed to Splenda where the cookies were soft and would not crisp up.  Also, the sugar didn't melt on the pan and make a mess at all.  I highly recommend it!  I use it in my coffee now and notice no difference.
I've been working on my quilt block and notice how few pins are left?  Signing up for the Ravelry Year of Projects really got me motivated!  I also discovered that you can put all crafts and WIP's (works in progress) on your YOP list too.  I have until the 14th before the list is considered "done" so I will be going back to my July 1st post and editing it for all my other projects that are not knitting or crocheting.  Whoa Nellie!  That list is going to be long now!  Of course, it will definitely include my folk art quilt!
I finished this book last night that I got at the library.  It is interesting and I learned a few things but mostly it seemed the author was reliving his own childhood.  I am an only child though so I did notice some characteristics but nothing I would change about myself now.  I just keep trying to improve on the original!

P.S.  BTW, I swear, I had the best childhood anyone could have asked for (well, the first 5 years anyway).  I think it's that solid foundation that gets you through the rest of it!

This is scary!  I have knitted 3 scarves and a pair of oven mitts and I want SO BADLY to make socks but I must admit.....I'm TERRIFIED!  I will be reading this book several times over.  This book came highly recommended by Susan Anderson (a knitting designer and blogger).  I do know how to use a circular needle and do the "magic loop" but I will probably make some baby socks to get the gist of it at first.  I think I would get totally confused using 3 to 4 double pointed needles but what do I know?  Maybe there's some You Tube videos out there I can watch too.  I also may knit a few other things before I attempt this....I told you I was scared! LOL! 
I hope you all had a great Tuesday and have wonderful plans for tomorrow!  Stay safe!


  1. I just picked up two books from the library today. I may just read all day tomorrow!

  2. Huh...
    I've wondered about baking using stevia... good to know that you have had such good luck with it.

    You will be busy.. reading and knitting :)

    Hope you have a wonderful Independence Day too!


  3. I too, feel the same way about knitting socks. Ha ha!

  4. Those cookies look delicious! I've got some stevia in the cupboard so maybe I'll give them a try..I love your folk art quilt block. I'd love to have a try at somehing like this :) Maggie xx


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