Sunday, July 1, 2012

Craft Along on Ravelry..........A Year's Worth of Projects the gal who hates committment just joined the above group on Ravelry!  I do like to set goals though and I love a challenge so here I go!  I chose 10 projects for July 1, 2012 - June 30, 2013.  Finally, something that doesn't happen at the beginning of the year.  Here's what I would like to accomplish:

1  Finish my Granny Stripe table runner/throw as this is a WIP (work in progress) this is crochet
2. Knit a pair of socks ( I will probably knit a baby sock first to get the hang of it and practice as I've never done this before although I have knitted 3 scarves and a pair of felted wool oven mitts.)  Some people say socks are boring....I love boring!
3. Another crocheted throw or blanket that looks like chenile!
4.  Some knit dish towels
5.  Did you notice I am going crochet then knit then crochet on my projects?  I don't want to get rusty in either skill so I try to switch from one to the other.  I've been wanting for while now to learn to do crocheted edging for pillow cases, dresser scarves, name it.  Here is my project for that
6.  A crocheted "carpet bag"
7.  A knitted cotton bath mat
8.  Cherry crocheted edging (I want to put this on shelf edges)
9.  Crocheted stone covers!  Yes, they're amazing...take a look!
10.  And a MAJOR project of a crocheted bed cover that I put last because it will take me awhile to save up the money to buy all the yarn for it!  LOL!  But it is beautiful (I think)

This is my first year joining this group and participating so I chose 10 projects only.  Oh!  I could have gone on and on but who am I kidding?  It will probably be a miracle if I get all these projects done!  But I'm going for it!
 If you're not familiar with Ravelry it is a free website where fiber people meet, share projects, patterns and you have your own "area" where you can keep track of your projects both in progress and future and you can join different groups, connect with other Ravelry members, ask questions and even SHOP!  It is a wonderful place....almost magical!  If you are interested in joining just go to Ravelry  and you too can join the Craft Along if you want.  Come know you want to!  We will encourage each other and keep each other on task and inspire and learn new skills.  It's a win-win!
I hope you are enjoying your Sunday.  I better get going and get started on my projects while the year is still young!

E D I T as of 07/04/2012 - I discovered that I could include "other" crafts that are WIP or newly planned for 2012/2013.   So, here I go!  I don't have pictures but you will see them in progress updates on Sundays.

1.  Master bedroom bed quilt - I have pattern and materials but have not started
2.  Guest room bed quilt - just a plain "patch " quilt based on one I saw that Helen Phillips made on her blog.  I have the backing material but that's all.
3.  Baby quilt for local quilt guild - have materials but haven't started yet
4.  Quilted growth chart for my Grandson Uriah - have material, pattern and it is about halfway finished sewing together.
5.  Quilted BIG project bag - pre-quilting my own material for this and not sure where the pattern is at the present time....hmmmm 
6.  My very first sampler quilt/throw is finished except for binding.
7.  Cross stitch - (yes, I said cross stitch...I haven't done it for years! ) I got the book Stitch by Cath Kidson and it included a free cross stitch little zippered purse/bag.  I started the cross stitch on it.
8.  13 Snowman blocks for Quilt Guild swap in November.  I have the pattern but no materials yet.
9.  Pillowcases (pair) sewn to utilize the crocheted edging I'll be making.
10. My folk art quilt that I have been working on and it should have been #1.  This is all hand stitched wool applique on wool felt and there is one big center block which is done and there are 12 surrounding blocks and 4 borders all hand appliqued.  I have 9 blocks finished, 3 left to go and then the 4 borders.


  1. Hi! So glad to have found you and to have you join us for year 2! I love your patterns of choice--especially your dish towl and cherry border. I would love to be able to crochet edgings as they are so old fashioned and romantic. Socks are on my list for the year and will be my first attempt--I have been knitting for 3 years and vowed I never would knit them, but now I kind of want to--maybe it is a knitters rite of passage?
    *smiles and good cheer to you*

    1. Socks are great....nothing feels better! My advice is to do exactly what the pattern says. If it days "turn", do it...well , don 't get up and turn around....knitting, not playing Simon Says. Oh and NEVER buy cheap yarn......even to learn with ; it feels creepy and you will hate it
      Knit on

  2. That carpet bag looks awesome..looks like something I would like because it would coordinate with whatever I wore. Those are some great projects..the shelf cherries are really cute...I am not so sure about the dish sure and let us know how those turn out! :)

  3. (A) you are such a brave sport...
    (B) you are trooper... to take on such challenges... wish I were as brave & motivated...
    Have Fun.. it will be fun to watch your projects come to fruistion!

  4. This is exciting! I need to learn both of these arts. Have fun, can't wait to watch the progress and hear the stories!

  5. Hi..
    I've never heard of this group.... I need to go check it out.

    I just know that you'll meet your goals!
    You are always so busy and productive!!

    Smiles :)

  6. Great list! I love bag, just up my street, especially with all those brights. That edging on the towels looks lovely, I've seen people using a crochet hook with a sharp point and crocheting directly onto the fabric, save sewing it on afterwards....

    I think your list looks good, looking forward to seeng it all come about!

  7. Great list! I love bag, just up my street, especially with all those brights. That edging on the towels looks lovely, I've seen people using a crochet hook with a sharp point and crocheting directly onto the fabric, save sewing it on afterwards....

    I think your list looks good, looking forward to seeng it all come about!

  8. These are some awesome projects that you have planned for the next 12 months - good on you...

    I look forward to reading about you FO's thoughout the year, especially the last one on your list... :)

    Hugs - Jodie :)

  9. So glad another quilter is joining in too! You have a great list - lots of fun and interesting projects. I'm looking forward to seeing your progress!

  10. What a fabulous list. You get a feel for it even more looking at your Ravelry queue. I love the crochet bag :D

  11. What lovely projects, the seeing starts afghan is absolutely stunning!


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