Monday, July 2, 2012

Off to a good start for the week....worked outside today

I baked a loaf of bread last night before I went to bed.  Once my dough is ready in the frig it only takes 40 minutes to rise and then 30 minutes to bake and no time at all for prepping really.  It makes great toast which I had with my yogurt this morning.  My standard breakfast.
I did my usual watering this morning here and at my neighbors and by that time I was already sweaty so I decided to just stay outside and get some work done.
I planted my 2 planter boxes that I painted last week.  One has 3 kinds of lettuce and the other has a couple green onions and radishes.

They both look the same so one picture should do it! LOL!  The seeds are in there though, trust me!  Now I need to paint that bench....pretty sad looking!  I put them up on the bench so the rabbits don't get my produce when it comes in.
I also had some plants I got on sale that I hadn't potted up.......I think the tan one has lost the battle.
I posted once before on how I use coffee filters in the bottom of my pots so the dirt doesn't wash out through the bottom holes.  Well, I flatten them out in the pot first..............

But you can see that they don't stick to the sides and the dirt is going to go right past them......sooooooo....
I water them down first before putting the dirt in and then they stick to the sides of the pot really well!

This is a different pot as I forgot to take a picture of the first one but this trick works.
I'm going with some succulents as it is so hot down here you need to water twice a day to keep things alive.  I get tired of watering all the time!  This is an experiment so I'll see how they do and how I like them.  There's a sedum, a dessert rose, hen and chicks and some moss roses.
This has some creeping thyme, snapdragons and moss roses.
I was whooped when I came in about noon but took a nice bath and did a few things around the house but I can only work outside every other day as it really wears me out!  I can remember when I was young I could work outside from sun up to sun down so if you're reading this and you're young, take advantage of your energy and stamina because when you get to be my age, won't have it! LOL!
I hope everyone got their week off to a good start.  What's everyone doing for the 4th?


  1. You are off to a good start!!

    I love that simple farm's the best!!

    The heat really zaps it out of everyone... it really doesn't discriminate.
    I feel bushwacked too, after working in the yard with the heat we're all having :)

    Have a wonderful day my friend.

  2. I like your coffee filter idea. I've used little rocks before, but the dirt still finds a way out. I'll try your filters next time.

  3. Coffee filters are a neat idea. I've been using leftover newspaper in mine.


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