Thursday, May 3, 2012

On the road again.............

 Oh...BTW........walked 3 miles  bp 125/73 pulse 73

I guess I'll be setting my alarm so I can get up early while it's still fairly cool.  It was overcast today which kept the temp at 72...still humid and I still "perspired" but I was able to landscape for an hour and then I went and walked my 3 miles with the girls.................Above is Benjamin Creek where an underground spring runs and it fills with tall grasses and lily pads.

Below is a literal "pasture" of honeysuckle....I could smell it the entire walk.....heavenly............

a little inlet pool.............
Look at the vines hanging from this tree and the flowers too...............

See those tall reeds below?  I'm wondering if those are the type that people make baskets from?  If so that would be really cool because I have a steady supply here!  Does anyone know?

 Here's the lily pads getting ready to bloom.  The yellow are their buds getting ready to open.  Nitty thought it was as good a time as any to cool off her feet too. 

 There are LOTS of lily pads here.........
Below you can see where Benjamin Creek leads back to it's origin....I wish I could go back to find where the spring starts but I already have over 25 bites on my body and that's using Deep Woods Off! LOL!  Plus, I don't have a kayak or canoe or even waders. 

 This little creek and underground Spring is what filled this man-made lake many years ago.......

This is Crown Lake...this is one corner of's pretty big and goes way beyond what you can see out there.  This is the small part.   At one time this was a big valley that they filled.  There are even houses at the bottom of it.   At the other end of the lake there's a big wall that keeps the lake from spilling over to another valley.  I think it's a spillway and if we get too much rain it spills over the top which is a road.  You wouldn't want to be on that road at that time! LOL!  There are few guard rails in Arkansas....there are so many dangerous curves and steep cliffs and such the state would go broke trying to  put guard rails everywhere.   There are a lot of "one car" accidents here and the speed limits are more "I dare you to try and go this fast" signs.
I live across the street from the lake and I can see it in the Winter when there are not leaves on the trees but not in the Summer.  This is Fisherman's Park about a block from my home.  It is maintained by Arkansas Fish And Game Department and there are a few picnic tables, grills and a dock for fishing.  This lake is stocked and well taken care of and there are many people that fish here usually although today I saw no one!

Here's little Orphan Annie "hunting" in the tall grass............she's such a hoot and so darn brave for such a little girl

On the way home the postman stopped me and handed me these packages!  
Tune in tomorrow to see what I got in the mail!  WooHoo!  Treasures!!!!!!!  Have a great Thursday everyone!


  1. Gorgeous. Can I come on walks with you? But I do see why it is humid. Lots of water.

  2. Nice. We had a beautiful morning (80 degrees!) and then a thunderstorm in the afternoon. I did not walk today because I took the plastic off of the back porch (put there every fall by my son to keep the snow off and the cold air away from the back sliding doors) and then cleaned up and rearranged the swing and rocker and shifted some stuff back to the shed and from the shed to the porch. I think I got my exercise without walking

  3. WOW!
    You certainly have lots, and lots of beautiful things to see on your walks!

    That Crown Lake is gorgeous.
    Are there a lot of different kinds of fish in there?
    Looks like a great place to spend the day fishing and have a picnic.

    Glad that you felt better today and were able to get out and walk.

    Can't wait to see your treasures too!

  4. Well that is one gorgeous walk! How peaceful, and the dogs love it I can see. I live in Florida and all I could think was how many alligators where under those lily pads.....I don't think you have gators there do you?


  5. Another lovely walk. 70 sounds good to me. We are in the 90's and have dust all week. Ugh! We also ran out of water at home (the tanks are on the roof and water pressure is not good). One of the tanks has filled up but the other hasn't -- and yet some idiot downstairs is wasting water cleaning their front yard that is completely concreted even though we don't have enough water for indoor purposes and it's dusty outside. No common sense at all. I look forward to seeing the goodies you received. Best wishes, Tammy

  6. You live in a beautiful area. But did I read that right? There are houses at the bottom of the lake?

  7. Nice walk..very green! Packages are wonderful..Chance got his car seat cover today:)


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