Friday, May 4, 2012

A beautiful INSIDE day...........and it's my fav day...Friday!

I worked on my basket last night and it's getting TALLER!  As I mentioned, today will be an inside day.  I went out and watered this morning and it is already HOT and muggy and it is going to be in the 90's today with high humidity.  I don't mind as I have ac but I have to get some inside things done and when I walk in this weather I better plan on coming home, taking a bath and not getting anything else done.  Maybe I'll walk tonight if I'm not to tired but I'm not counting on it! LOL!  I have my pedometer on and I'm going to go by steps more than anything.  So, far this morning I've already gone 1584 steps so I'm no couch potato! LOL!
Now, for the big reveal as to what I got in the mail yesterday?  Take a gander at these treasures!

The first book in the M.C.Beaton series of Agatha Raisin....Ta Da!  I ordered from Thrift Books    They have free shipping and discounts on multiple orders.  Nancy Jo recommended them and I couldn't be more pleased.  Thanks Nancy Jo!
 Then this DVD is for my health and well-being iniative...walking for heart and lungs, lifting for muscle and back strength and yoga for flexibility.  Peggy Cappy has been on PBS many times and you know if she's on PBS she's got to be good!
The next book has been all over the internet so with that many of my friends endorsing it I just had to get it!
So far, so good! 
And the feast de' resistance...............

the backing for my quilt............isn't it gorgeous??????????  I so love it and it is the beginning of my new cottage farmhouse look!  I don't think anyone has coined that style yet?  Cottage Farmhouse or should it be Farmhouse Cottage?  Anyway, stayed tuned for multiple changes in my decorating.  You've already seen some in my crochet.....lots more of that coming down the pike too!  For the rest of today it will be laundry, clean up house, work on budget and bills for May, watch Wind at My Back on INSP at 1:00 p.m. while I crochet and take a mid afternoon break and then make Chicken Caprese for supper.  I'll also be taking breaks and reading my new Homespun Style book.  What a great weekend ahead...starting right now!  I hope yours is wonderful too!


  1. It sounds like you have the perfect weekend set out, have fun. Your crochet is coming along nicely and the colours are lovely.
    I see you like murder mystery books me too, we have Agatha Christie here, without sounding a nit it's not the same author is it?
    But anyway have a great weekend.

  2. Thank you for stopping by my blog today. I have read yours several times through our mutual blog friends. I love the colors of you basket. And your fabric for the Farmhouse Cottage or was it Cottage Farmhouse. That fabric looks like Pam Kitty print. I follow her blog also.

    I'm hoping I get outside and get my hands dirty in the yard this weekend. Mild temps here and hopefully sun in the Northwest! Have a great weekend!!

  3. Yes, the backing fabric for your Love it! Can't wait to see your new Farmhouse Cottage style ... or Cottage Farmhouse style. :)

  4. What a nice basket and I love you fabric. Have a nice weekend.


  5. I like your brightly colored basket. That shade of blue is very pretty. I would have been excited to receive all those good things that came in the mail. Looks like you will be entertained on those too hot to get outside days. Have a "cool" weekend! --------- Shannon

  6. Good Morning :)

    Awesome treasures!!
    Love the book. Did you ever watch the Agatha Cristy shows?

    The basket you're making is turning out darling.

    Can't wait to see how the quilt turns out too..

    You are such a busy butt :)

    I'm off to enjoy some gardening time, then make a batch of Cinnabon copy-cat cinnamon rolls.

  7. I say workout inside with the ac blasting.

  8. Yea! You got the book. I just love it. Sounds like you have lots of things to keep you happily productive. I haven't walked or exercised in a while. I do walk with my girlfriend at school for 20-30 minutes every day at school. It's the only time we actually leave our desks for any length of time. Work has been so busy and then I get home and it's busy. I am trying to come up with a daily afternoon plan that I can stick with during the week to help things run more smoothly. Last week was pure you know what! Wishing you a great rest of the weekend. Tammy

  9. I love that backing! So pretty! The basket is turning out nice too.


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