Thursday, April 12, 2012

Went to town yesterday............I mean in the car and went to town

I don't go out very often, trying to save gas so I only go if I have at least 3 errands but yesterday I had 4.  First off I had to stop at the bank and then it was on to the library where I returned 2 books and got 2 more.

Yes, I got the 4th Stephanie Plum book in Janet Evanovich's series.  I guess this means I'm in for the long haul.....17 in total!  The other book is by M.C.Beaton and is one of her Agatha Raisin mysteries which I love but I want to Google and find the order of the series as I don't think that is the first book.  I've told you how anal I am and I must read them in order! LOL!
Next was the Dollar General where I picked up a few items and lo and behold found another one of those red metal containers.  I bought one a few weeks ago and I love it but I thought they were sold out....NOT!  They had moved them so, of course, I bought another one.  The first one has been filled with yarn as this one might be too.

    Then it was on to the Neighborhood Market where they had gotten another big shipment of plants in!  Uh oh!  I could not resist!  I got this beautiful Easter lily which is scenting my kitchen and will get planted in the yard when it's done blooming.

Then I picked up 2 exotic house plants....I plants at this time of year?  But they were so healthy and beautiful I couldn't resist!

 This is a zebra plant (I won't bore you with the latin name) that is blooming.

The  next one is an Alocasia Polly which may be called a parrot plant since it had a picture of one on the label.  I've never seen one before but it is gorgeous I think and they were both so healthy looking!

I haven't potted them up yet in my own containers but that is forthcoming.  That's all for now folks!  Have a great Thursday!



  1. I absolutely love MC Beaton. The Agatha Raisin series is a hoot and I love Hamish MacBeth too. I also read the Stephanie Plum books. The earlier books are really good. I have 17 home now.

  2. Now that was a fun outing! I love the plants you bought and the red container!

  3. I think your errands turned in to a pleasure trip for sure. Any time you come home with a good book and flowers you are having a great time.

  4. I always have to read a book series in order too. If I start a book and it references something that happened in an earlier book, I'll stop reading until I've hunted down and read the older books. Love MC Beaton. It's been a while since I read Agatha Raisin or Hamish MacBeth. Guess I'll have to look in the library for them.


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