Friday, April 13, 2012

crocheting between chores

Yesterday I worked outside doing some weeding, watering, fertilizing and weed killing.  When I need a break (I used to have a cigarette) I come in and sit in my chair and crochet a bit and then go back at it....whatever "it" is at the time. 

I like color but not pastels so much and not neon bright.  I'm learning while making this throw for my chair.  Handwork of this type slows you down and has been known to lower blood pressure.  It's almost like meditating at times.  Plus, I'm using up yarn I've had around for other projects at one time or another although I do keep buying too.  It also keeps my hands limber since I have arthritis.  On top of that, when I'm finished I'll have a nice blanket to throw over myself next Fall and Winter when I'm sitting in front of the fire with another project in my hands.  I really can't think of one negative regarding's all good!
Do you have a project "in the works" right now and if so what is it?  I think it's so inspiring to see what others are creating.  Happy Friday the 13th!  


  1. You have read my mind, I like it when you say in between chores that suits me. Couldn't cut the grass yesterday we had such heavy rain, hope to do it tomorow in between crocheting. I think I have the crocheting bug now, I am loving it so much and it works up so quick to. Just made a Granny square cushion now I am making a throw/cover. My daughter has asked for a cover to, after seeing how colourful they can be. That's the best bit for me working with all that colour.
    best wishes Julie.C

  2. Hi Sam,
    You are always busy. I would like to go outside today, still kind of chilly. Maybe later. The new grass seed could use a drink.
    Your new blanket is going along nice, will come in real handy come fall.
    Nancy Jo

  3. I like your afghan with it's pretty colors. I have been working on one to match my bedroom. I agree with you that crocheting is a very good way to relax. Thanks for the comment on the veggie plate. I prefer dark greens too but that was what was in the fridge. I actually considered making a run to the store to get some but on second thought figured with the price of gas, that was not practical.
    Have a great weekend!----- Shannon

  4. I do the same thing on the weekends. Crochet, clean, crochet, bake, crochet, fold, crochet, blog, crochet, eat. :) I have been making little hearts all day. I never have any rhyme or reason for what I do. Just for the sake of doing and creating. A plan at some might would probably be a good idea. Hope you are having a great day! Tammy P.S. I'm not using embroidery thread for crocheting -- it's a thin 100% cotton. I don't see a size on it, except a hook size of 2.5-3.5. It also says gassed mercerized. I don't even know what that means. :/

  5. Beautiful handiwork.

    I'm so glad that you found my blog... now I can follow, and read your blog too :)

    Looking forward to reading your blog posts and getting to know you better.

    Hope you have a lovely weekend.

    p.s. I think the song that you hear on my blog is called "simple gifts".

  6. I love your blanket and the colors you use for it! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such nice comment! Liz

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