Monday, April 9, 2012

Book Reviews!

I finished 2 books and thought I would share them with you.  I got both books at our local library.  I think I'm done now with my craving of Amish lifestyle info.  This was the best book by far  written by and about a man who grew up Amish and then left and came back and left and came back numerous times until he finally left for good.  It took him about 10 years to really break free.  It's the same old theme of religious brainwashing where if you don't believe like us you'll go to hell.  It was heart wrenching to read of how he struggled with it.  It made me understand that there is no utopia and that there is the same bickering, competitiveness, politics and jealousies as in other religions.  They do have a wonderful support network and take care of each other in all situations but you are subjugated to the rules of the community every day, 24/7 and you must suppress any and all feelings of being unique or independent.  I think I've fulfilled my curiosity about the Amish culture and religion now.  

This next book is the third book in the Stephanie Plum  mystery series by Janet Evanovich.  They are fast moving and easy reads and interesting to a point but they just aren't my kind of book.  They take place in New Jersey in the city which I don't care for cities or their crime.  I prefer English cottages or Northern locales or at least small towns.  I'm more in tune with Joanna Fluke or Agatha Christie and you can leave out the violence and sex....I just want a good mystery.  I have to give her credit for the mystery part but for the environment and the characters they're just not my style.

Will I read another one?  Like the 4th one in the series?  I just might simply because I am so anal (no wonder I like Monk so much! LOL!) and now that I've started the series I am drawn to keep going....DRAT!!!!  We'll see when I go to the library tomorrow.  
I hope you all had a great Easter!  I did but I think I'm not used to the rich food I cooked yesterday as I was a little under the weather last night and this morning but I'm starting to perk up now!  Have a great Monday!


  1. I always enjoyed the Stephanie Plum series because they were set in Trenton. I spent may holidays there at my Aunt Leila and Uncle Norman's place when I was growing up. But if you don't have that Trenton connection they might not appeal as much. I'm like you -- I enjoy a good mystery and I like humor with it but I don't want to get inside the head of a mass murderer and you can leave out the gratuitous sex scenes. I think there are now 17 books in the series so you have a long way to go. Have you read any of the Cat Sitter books by Blaize Clement? You might enjoy those

  2. I have Stephanie Plum 17 home from the libary right now! I have to say the first 10 or so are better than the latest ones.

  3. I have heard that. The latest one was not well reviewed at all so I have not bothered. I think I got through 16. I enjoyed the earlier ones more than the later ones myself.

  4. I have been reading too..I would like to read something perhaps I will look for that book. I would never have survived an Amish upbringing.
    I hope you had a great Easter:)

  5. Hi Sam
    I picked up 2 Fluke books last week but didn't have time to read them. When I get moved I'll try again!
    Thanks for the review on the Amish book. I don't think I want to read it now.
    I've been away and now we're packing to go North.
    Take care-KImberly

  6. I think I already told you the same as what Anne and Carlene have voiced here, the first 10 of the Stephanie Plum series are the best. I didn't think the sex part of it was over done. And everything that happened to her as a bounty hunter was so farfetched that I took it as just that and just enjoyed the ease of reading the books. I like light reading, especially during the summer. I still haven't picked back up The Help again since our trip. Days just go too fast during the week when we have school. My mom was born in OH near Amish country so I've visited the area often. You are right, there is no perfect place, no matter ones beliefs.

    You know, the older I get, the less I can handle having heavy foods, or too much food, especially at night. That's why I usually just have cereal or oatmeal for dinner. When I eat real food, I feel really nauseous the next day.

    Hope your day is a good one. Tammy

  7. Have you ever read Rosamunde Pilcher books? She wrote wonderfully descriptive books of Cornwall and Scotland. Some fluff but the detail in the lives and homes of the characters makes her one of my favorites.


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