Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter, Happy Passover..........Happy Springtime!

This is time for our Sunday "spin" through the blogging countryside and today it's all about red, cherries and retro!  So, after you've celebrated on this beautiful Sunday and are full of good food and the dishes are done you can sit back and take a little "spin".
Sue, at It's a Very Cherry World is a feast for the eyes!  Her blog is total eye candy from the very first page.  She's all about retro, vintage and cherries.  On Rednesday's, she features all kinds of wonderful "red" items of all kinds from people that post on her blog.  It's so fun and if you love the color red then this is the blog for you!  Below is one of her vintage finds and a picture I remember from my childhood with much fondness.

Next Stop is Vicki's blog called Cherry Chick and she has cherries galore and the cutest jewelry for sale too!  She just got laid off from her job so if you need any jewelry or gifts please give her your business as I plan on ordering something myself.  We need to be supportive of our fellow women business owners.  You are going to just love her blog and her attitude as she is a joy to the world!

I think I have to have one of these!
 She also makes cards...she is "crafty"!
Okay...she didn't make this mixer but I may spend the rest of my day figuring out how I can do this to my white Kitchenaide mixer!  Oh Yeah!  I'm all over this baby! 

And she makes delectable desserts too!  She is SO talented you simply must go over and visit her and maybe do a little shopping while you're there!  Come deserve a little something!  I know I do! LOL!

Last but not least is Brenda at the Cozy Little House
Brenda is a fantastic decorator, loves the color red and creates some of the cutest pillows and towels and such.  Her blog is all about color and you know how I love lots of that!  Brenda recently went  through a tough (is there an easy kind?) divorce and moved from Texas to Tulsa and is trying to recreate herself, her life and a new Etsy business.  Take a look at her Cozy Little House and her store filled with all kinds of colorful delights!

Is this not cozy? 

Please stop by and visit these gals and tell them I sent you.  They add so much joy to my days and I'm sure they will to yours too!  Happy Easter everyone!


  1. Thanks for coming to visit me this Easter Sunday! I enjoyed having you here.

  2. Thanks for sharing this blog to me..I enjoyed so much here..

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  3. Thanks for sharing the blog. Happy Easter to you too.

  4. These are some fun places to visit that I have never been to - thanks for the introduction!

  5. Hey there Sam! Hope all is well. I can see that you've been keeping busy. How fun to receive all that yarn by Royal Mail. :) I always roll my yarn into balls before I make anything -- except the cotton, as it doesn't seem to get tangled like all the other stuff does. I hate to be in the middle of a project only to wind up in knots. I want to make something but come home from school just feeling out of it and then can't make a decision about what to do and then in between all the chores the next thing I know it is time to go to bed and do it all over again. Spring Break went way too fast. :) Have a great week. Tammy

  6. I thought I was picking a favorite, but by the end I couldn't! Thanks for sharing. That mixer is awesome!!! I love retro. I will be off to visit!!!

  7. Thanks for sharing the blog. Happy Easter to you too.


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