Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday Spin around town...........

First person we're visiting today is my sweet friend Velma at Down Our Country Road 
in Oklahoma.  Velma is multi-talented as are so many of my blogging friends.  She's a great decorator for one and always replies to your comments or questions.  I think that is so wonderful as that is how friendships form.
 She's creative is so many ways and makes beautiful items and now has her own Etsy shop too.  She is one of the most giving and sharing bloggers I know.

And on top of all that she is a fabulous cook...I can verify that as I've made her delicious chicken chowder and angle biscuits pictured below....Rachel Ray move over!

Now we're on our way to California to visit Elaine at Sunny Simple Life  Elaine is another talented and hard working blogger and how she does it all I don't  know but she does and So well!
She's a gardener extraordinaire and raises much of her families food.   She does it with style too!  How pretty are these gardens?

    Elaine definitely has a green thumb...maybe a whole hand that's green!  Oh, and did I mention the girl can decorate too?  Too cute!
And now she's raising her own chickens too!  You go girl!  Elaine is another blogger that I learn so much from....thank you Elaine.
Last on our Sunday Spin is Michael from Inspired By Charm   who is (I just found this out and was not surprised) the most "pinned" person on Pinterest and has the  most'll see why!  Michael has his own shop and also his own Inn and everything he touches turns into GORGEOUS!    I don't think there is anything that he can't do.  He decorates, cooks, sews, builds, and he's been published in Folk magazine and more.  Let it be known this gentleman is uber talented.   On top of that he's another "sharer" with recipes, tips and tutorials.  Just look at his latest project......LOVE!!!!!!

Below are pictures of his shop where he has a chalk board that he changes all the time and he does all the art work on it himself......awesome....really Michael?  How can one person be SO TALENTED?

Did I mention he cooks?  This is one of his own recipes that he created.....I have to make these!

 Love this idea also..........

I have never been creative but I am going to work on it!  Yes, I will still copy great ideas but Michael, especially has inspired me to spend time creating something(s) of my own.  I certainly have plenty of material to work with around here!  Thank you to all these bloggers who inspire and motivate us to be the best we can be!  Happy Sunday to all!


  1. I know of Elaine but not sure I've visited the other two so will have to do that. Hope you are having a great day. It's bedtime around here. Goodnite! Tammy

  2. Hi ya..
    What a fun post!
    I know of and follow Elaine, but I've not heard of the other two bloggers.
    I'm off to see their sites.


  3. p.s
    And.. of course I know of and follow Velma :)
    She is a talented and sweet gal!!


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