Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Once again .....the weeds are winning,,,,how did that happen so soon?

Things are blooming everywhere and I love it but when I was out taking pictures it made me realize the weeds are already taking over!  But I have more energy this year so we'll just see about that! Remember the rhubarb I showed you a few weeks back?  Well look at that baby now!

I 'm pretty sure my next dessert is going to be a rhubarb coffee cake I  used to make where you just add raw chopped up rhubarb either fresh or frozen.  I'll include the recipe when I post it.  Yum!  I can't wait!

I was so surprised the roses were blooming!

 Below is my hydrangea which has all kinds of blossom buds on it.  I've been nursing this plant since it was a tiny, tiny baby.
Above are my sweet coral bells.  I better get out there and do some serious weeding and feeding!
I hope you are enjoying your Tuesday.


  1. It has been a snowy, freezing precip sort of Tuesday. There are cloches covering the smaller perennials and sheets covering the baby peas and baby beets! Our Coral Bells are thinking about flowering. The rose bushes like great, but aren't anywhere near ready to flower (thank goodness given the weather). You leave those weeds alone for a day and they take a week to get rid of!!!

  2. I have never had rhubarb?? Looking forward to the recipe. The hydrangea looks happy :)


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