Sunday, April 22, 2012

Better late than never............

It's Sunday and time for our spin around blogland to visit some nifty gals I've met!  Sorry this is a late post but since I didn't go to Wal-Mart the other day (in the cold and rain) I had to go today which as I've mentioned here before is an all day adventure!
First up is the sweetest and most talented gal, Tammy at T's Daily Treasures .  Tammy lives in Kuwait with her family and shares some truly foreign experiences with us who may never see that part of the world.  She has been to many places and her blog is very interesting with great food, beautiful photography and she manages to squeeze in a little time for crochet on top of her busy schedule!

Oh Tammy....this looks SO good!  YUM!

This looks like one of the dust storms they get moving in....

I told you she was talented......a crocheted teacup!  Unbelievable!  I love her blog!

Next we're going to stop by and visit Karen at The Vintage Bag Lady
Karen is a retired painting contractor and has a gorgeous home in Cheney, Washington.  Another extremely talented lady as you will see.  She has her own travel trailer she's redone and it's called Miss in "driving Miss Daisy".  It is SO CUTE!  I want one!

 Isn't it just the cutest?  I've been wanting to scale down and this could be just the ticket! LOL! BTW, she did the refinishing and decorating down to sewing the curtains and coordinating pillows!
She's also a crocheter and has that and more in her Etsy store..........

Oh!  pretty colors!  And she's a thrift store junky like most of us too and does she ever find the neatest stuff and unlike MOI...........she knows exactly what to do with it!  How cute is that little "vignette"?  

 Bye Karen....TTLY!

And last on our Sunday spin is Cathy over at Our Country Bungalow
This gal does it all and with such style!  I wish I was blessed with such decorating talent as she has and the ability to make each room cozy and inviting.  Just look at her that not magazine material?  I love it!

She also does so many  "hands on" recycling of anything and everything.  I swear this woman could take a rag and make it into something beautiful!  Look what she did to this cupboard and she also did a bookcase too!  She's amazing!
Oh how I love me a "before and after" and this one takes the cake!  LOVE, LOVE , LOVE!  You should have seen last week when she took some knit shirts that her daughter had outgrown and redid them into the cutest little feminine tank tops!  This lady is talented!
More of her sweet country bungalow.........
 Cathy, I hate to leave your cozy home but I had best get back to mine and start working on it so maybe someday mine will look as welcoming as yours. 
Thanks for stopping by everyone and please visit these ladies when you get a minute.  You will not be me.........they're MY inspiration in blogging, decorating, and many other areas!
Have a restful and relaxing Sunday!


  1. Sam
    I visit them all myself and can highly recommend them too!

  2. Thank you for your kind words about my blog! Goodness just stop it...or not.. haha!

    I laughed at the rag-into-something-beautiful comment because I have turned many something-beautifuls into pretty much rags over the years. But practice makes perfect! Or at least keeps us busy.

    Love your blog and will continue to visit and I will definitely be checking out the others you've shared also.

    Thanks again,

  3. So nice of you to share this blogs. Have a great day.


  4. Hi Sam,
    Isn't that kitty and bird on Cathy's site funny? Thanks for the new site info.
    I see you have been cooking up a storm. Here its just an outdoor storm, snow in April, better not hurt all my pretty maple trees.
    Nancy Jo

  5. Thanks so much for the writeup!!! You make me sound so interesting! Can't wait until I have time to come back and check out the others and your recent posts.

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