Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Happy things!!!!

I have a few pics that didn't get posted yesterday......oh!  And I heard that my "Japanese" Iris are actually "Siberian" Iris...who knew?  All I know is that I love them! 
More rubber mulch too!

Then inside to get my mantel updated for Spring....thanks to Lucy and her crochet magic at Attic24
I'd been crocheting these little flowers that she made and decorated her mantel with and since I have no creative bones in my body I had no choice but to copy her idea!  She used cotton yarn but I had none so I used Acrylic.  I also haven't embroidered or embellished them which I might later.  I'm thinking maybe buttons in the middle.  We'll see but for now here is my Spring mantel!  (BTW visit her blog for the's free).

  I used my Mary Engelbreit pitcher to hold some bare branches on which I hung the colorful little flowers.  There are 20 of them.  I also brought an old mirror I've had for years up from the basement and managed to hang it above the mantel.  That's ME taking the picture back there!  This wall is so dark that I thought a mirror would reflect light and it does.  If I was staying here I would paint the brick a light color.
   The picket fence I've had for years and it has always signified the end of the fireplace season....goodbye cozy fires, for awhile, but I wouldn't give up the change of seasons for anything!  They each have their own joys and pleasures.
I embroidered the vase of flowers probably 30 years ago or more.  Back in the day when crewel embroidery was popular.  On the white shelf is my little cottage collection.  Most are from the thrift store but there is one that I bought that is from Ireland and worth a bit more but really you can't tell by looking at them.
I love "puttering" around my house and decorating while cleaning at the same time.  It's one more thing that gives me happiness!  Wishing you happiness in droves this Wednesday!


  1. Oh I love your mantle and all the color. Do you ever divide your iris? I do every year now so I have them popping up all over the yard now. They thank me for it for blooming even more the next year.

  2. All so cute! Love the special decor for spring.
    I wish we could have the end of woodburning season come! It's been so cold. We have had fires going every day.

  3. The mantle decor turned out darling!
    Isn't it so much fun to fluff our nests ?!!
    I love it too :)

    And, I still LOVE those irises!

  4. Happiness in droves is just what we all need!

    I love your little picket fence and your new flowers....Lucy has such lovely ideas doesn't she?

    Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog, the bobbly blanket is crocheted, you can find it on ravelry under blackberry salad striped blanket, as I remember the designer can be found if you type Moogly into the search tool. Other than that, I am Faithr and you can find the link from my project page.

  5. Everything looks so pretty! I love your picket fence, and the mirror is a nice touch to reflect all the pretties on the mantle.

  6. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the picket fence in front of the fire place!!!!!

  7. Cute flowers! I think buttons would make a great addition!

  8. Cute flowers! I think buttons would make a great addition!

  9. I love your decor. With 6 kids, my house never stays the same here.

  10. I wonder about that rubber mulch..we have so many leaves and acorns that I would have to clean it up every Fall. I do like the look of that mulch..looks all neat and orderly:)


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