Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Cleaning and TRYING to make things look nice makes me happy!

In all actuality, it is not the act of  cleaning or clearing or whatever labor is involved that gives me that happy feeling although I do enjoy each moment and switch gears when I don't.  It is the RESULT that makes me smile when and if it works out!  Sometimes it doesn't! LOL!  Like my landscaping that I've been working on for the last 4 years or longer.  So much of the work went for naught as the Bermuda grass would still take over but persistence pays off and I feel like slowly but surely I am getting a handle on things again and that indeed makes me happy! 


I got 2 boxes of this edging at a rummage sale for $1.00 each and it is working out great between my yard and driveway/sidewalk to keep the mulch contained.  I checked out Wal-Mart when I was there the other day to see if they carried it in case I needed more and sure enough they do!  It was also $10.00/box so I really got a good deal on those 2 boxes.  It's easy to install with a rubber mallet and each piece hooks to the next.  This is a little project that makes me happy!

Another project that is finally starting to make me happy and give me hope is my rubber mulch that I found.  It is more expensive but the bags are easier to carry and it doesn't disintegrate.  I won't have to replace it every year and it doesn't get bleached out by the sun.  In otherwords, once I put the rubber mulch down in an area I won't have to redo it....ever!  Well, unless a tornado blows it all away or maybe a topcoat of very little once in awhile just from settling but other than that I should be good to go!  I am very happy about that let me tell you!  You can see below the cedar mulch from last year and the rubber mulch I am laying now.  
Big difference, huh?  Like I said it is more expensive initially but in the long run I won't have to replace  it every year so is it really more expensive?
 I also got a little cleaning and rearranging done yesterday and I'm making headway there........
After cleaning my desk last week,  I was on to the bookcases this week....

 I saw something on Amazon
where you can sell your used books.  I'm thinking I need to do that!  I have zillions! Ok, maybe not that many but CLOSE!  I am a happy camper as long as I keep moving forward and see results......what makes you happy?  People have asked me why I am so happy (most of the time anyway) as they know I've had my "trials and tribulations" also.  It is because I literally spent time researching what it was that made me happy.  There was a long time in there when I could not have told you what made me happy because I didn't know myself.  But when I would get those great feelings of joy that would well up inside me and make me grin from ear to ear, I started writing it down and taking notice.  So, if you don't know what makes you happy then try paying attention to those special times and you'll then know how to create it whenever you want!  Ta Da!   
Happy Tuesday everyone and thanks so much for your comments.  I truly appreciate the time you take and it's like a conversation...albeit in slow motion but none the less I love it!  Thank you all and those who just stop by too! 


  1. This advice about writing down what makes you happy is very good.

    Cleaning up and arranging makes me happy too.

    I am intrigued about this rubber mulch..hmmm... i will be checking that out.


  2. What a cute flower and nice color. I hope your planting will be fine now. All my books I have sold and now I buy used for cheap money. I answered your questions on my blog.


  3. Oh you have been a busy girl indeed.
    What a deal you got on that garden edging! Doesn't that just make ya grin!!

    Love that rubber mulch. I've used it before(at another house) and it does retain that nice color.

    Is there a book swap place by you ?
    Sometimes that works out well. Then you can swap your books for some you haven't read yet.

    Have a wonderful day !!

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