Saturday, February 4, 2012

Helped out at the consignment shop today..........

I help out at the consignment store here in town on Saturdays and I just love it!  It gets me out of the house and socializing with people which my therapist says is good for me..just kidding.  I don't have a therapist...yet! LOL!  I'm sure I could use one just like I could use a nice massage, a manicure and a trip to see our National Parks but it's not in the cards this year.  I put my money on "Edna"! Ha! Ha! (See past posts about "Edna").

You're probably wondering why I'm posting pictures of's like this, I was going to post about my egg salad but realized I've actually done that post before plus these are the only pictures I have right now and I'm tired from the consignment store so I figured I'll give you the pictures of the egg salad but tell you about my day at the store which is far more interesting.  Best of both worlds, right?

Oh!  Look!  The eggs have to cook for 15 minutes so we have time to chat before I make the egg salad anyway!  So, like I was saying, I LOVE my Saturdays at the consignment store (I really should take pictures of that!  I will next week...promise).  Today was quite interesting as there were lots of customers since she is having a going out of business sale.  (I know....I'm so sad about it..oh well).  Karen came in and bought some things but had to get to Salem before her meeting so I told her to go ahead and I would wrap up her stuff and she could pick it up on the way back.  Well, she did and brought me a fresh, homemade doughnut from the bakery there!  I didn't even know they had a bakery in Salem....but I do now!!!  Then my friend, Maura stopped by because I had called her because I had made Whoopie Pies last night and wanted to give her some. (I know, you're wondering why I'm not posting about Whoopie Pies....good question since I spent HOURS making them!) This gal has brought me 2, not 1, but 2, containers of homemade chocolate eclaires in the past month.  Now, is that a friend or what?  So, since I never got my Christmas cookies made (whoops)I figured she deserved some Whoopie Pies!  I should really call them "whoopsie" pies.  Oh, just a sec,I've got to chop up some stuff for the egg salad....

So, like I was saying..Maura tried one of the pies and gave one to Karen who was still there and they loved them!  I feel redeemed thank goodness.  
A couple from Missouri came in and shopped and then couldn't get their truck started.  It was now afternoon and the local mechanic closes at noon.  The man asked if I had some pliers or a wrench but I didn't when low and behold another couple walk in and overhear us and he says he has one in his truck.  PTL!!!  They got his truck started and he said he wasn't turning it off until they got home!  They were 100 miles from home in a new vehicle in a town that is barely open during the week much less weekends.  That could be why the shop is closing too.  
Oh, I peeled the eggs while we were chatting and that pile of stuff I chopped...that was just some onion and celery I had laying around (in my frig). 
After we got the couple on their way back home to Missouri and I was getting ready to close up shop, another man came in and asked if we had a fax machine as he had an important paper to send and his wasn't working.  Maura thought there was one in the back where the animal rescue part is so she took him back but they couldn't get it to work.  Well, (I happen to have a technical background so) I told him I would give it a try and I got it faxed for him.  I felt like Wonder Woman and my reward was a fresh warm donnut from the bakery!!!  It was a great day!  

Oh!  I almost forgot about the egg salad.  This is my egg slicer, an invaluable tool in the art of slicing and dicing.  You put the egg in one way and slice it and then pick it up and place it the other way and you have diced egg pieces!  Perfect for egg salad.  I've had this particular model for enough years to make it an antique...what does that make me then?  I had already been around for 20 some years when I got it!  But see how they made things to last "back in the day"...I'm talking about the egg slicer/dicer.
I throw the chopped onion and celery in a bowl with the sliced and diced egg pieces and add some REAL mayonnaise and salt and this time I  added some curry powder.  Not too much as curry can be overpowering.  Sometimes I add horseradish and today someone mentioned they chop up green olives and/or black.   Yum!  I mixed it all up and put it on my homemade bread (another previous knead recipe) and ate it.  It was so good and afterwards I remembered I hadn't taken a picture of it...oh, well.  I wish you could have seen it but more than that I wish you could have tasted it!
Sorry I'm so wordy tonight....this happens when I get tired.  I'm going to go sit in front of the fireplace (yes, there's a fire going) and do some knitting and pray that the knitting angels are watching over me because, like I said...I'm tired.  Goodnight all!


  1. Love your story! Makes me wish I lived there. And I love egg salad ... You just put me in the mood for it.

  2. You're so cute. I loved hearing about your day! :-)

  3. You had me cracking up! I would have at your kitchen too! What are you knitting? I am knitting a small bag for my Etsy shop. It is coming out cute so far. I want to knit a shawl and never had. Have you? ...enjoy that egg salad, I am jealous of your egg slicer! Hey, we shall get back to chit chat again... soon ya here?

  4. You're so fun! And it sounds like you're awfully good at egg salad sandwiches as well....among many other things. That consignment store sounds like a hoot. Too bad it's closing. What a great way to get out and socialize. I need a consignment store, I think. Have a great week Sam! Thinking about ya.


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