Friday, February 3, 2012

I think I'm in L O V E......................

With my new Neato robotic named "Edna" after my dear departed Aunt who was the best "home keeper" I've ever known.
Anyway, I told you I would get back to you and give you an update on this FABULOUS product!  First, you have to ensure there are no wires laying on the floor or things that might clog up any vacuum cleaner.  This in itself will keep me clutter free and from placing things on the floor which I do a lot.  I cleaned up my kitchen and laundry room which basically is the same thing you would do if you were going to wash your floors (which I was going to do right after Edna was done).
You can schedule her to clean automatically but my house is not ready for that yet!  There are magnetic-type strips that come on a roll and you cut them the length you need them to block her from going somewhere.  I cut 2 to keep her in the kitchen but they are the same width as most of my doorways so they can be utilized in other rooms.  Next, I picked her up from the charger and set her in the laundry room doorway and hit the start button.  Whoa Nellie!  She ratcheted up like a Ferari engine and still wasn't as loud as my other vacuums and then she was off to the races! 

I was going to time her to see how long it took for the laundry room and kitchen but she beeped after awhile and stopped and the screen said..get this..."Please empty my dust bin".  Okay, this product is made in England and aren't they just the most polite people?  So, I emptied the dust bin which was all DOG HAIR don't you know, and placed it back in and then she said "Thank you for emptying my dust bin" you believe it!  I love this gal!!!!
Off she went and then in awhile she beeped again as she had gotten stuck under my laundry room sink so I blocked it off with a stepstool I keep in there folded up.  It's a learning experience for the both of us.  I thought she was almost done but then she ran out of energy (you can't blame happens to me all the time in this house!) so I had to put her on the charger for awhile, but not too long, maybe an hour?  The first time I charged her it took 2-3 hours.
I was sort of in a hurry because I wanted to wash the floors in there but just when I was thinking of finishing up by hand, I heard her powering up and raring to go again.  When she hasn't finished a job she will try to go back and finish when she's recharged and if I had her scheduled for automatic cleaning she would have gone back to the base station herself, charged and then gone back and finished the job.  Amazing, huh????  But since my house is being worked on a room at a time I am not ready to schedule her yet but hopefully that day will come! She finished in just a bit more time and beeped to let me know she was done and I took her back to the charger.  
Now, I have 2 very good vacuums; one is a cannister that I love for regular floors and the other is an Oreck upright that I use for carpeting.  Usually when I wash my floors, even after vacuuming, I still get "stuff" on my microfiber pad mop,mostly dog hair.  When I mopped after Edna was done I think I could have counted all the hairs that I picked up on one hand.  She did a FABULOUS job!  One of the reasons I went with her was because one of the reviewers said she liked Neato because it did a better job than her Dyson!  I believe it now!  I have not done carpeting yet so when Edna does her first carpet job I will post again.  Meanwhile, I am one happy camper!!!!

P.S.  I get nothing for saying all this.  The company doesn't even know I exist.  I got mine at Target online and it is the Neato 12.  Stores are still selling the Neato 11 for the same price as the new version so if you get one make sure it is the latest and greatest which is 12 right now.  They fine tuned some things from the 11 to the 12.  I found this out reading reviews.  Also, a tip when using/reading reviews...always read from several stores and not the company store.  The best reviews come from stores that carry lots of different products like Target, Lowes, Amazon etc.  Just an F.Y.I.


  1. I'm one of the ones that got to your test blog yesterday. In your profile, this blog's name only shows as an ellipsis. Strange!

    My oldest son told me I should get something like Edna, but I would have to do way too much clearing up. She would never, ever be able to get her work done and would constantly be beeping and giving me messages like "get these wires out of the way" "what's with all the stuff, no one can move in this place?" Yeh, I hear that all the time. HA!

    I stopped trying to do it all. Now I take more time for myself. My husband really flips when I stay in pajamas for so many days, but who needs to run around all the time? We are out the door early each and every day for school. The weather has been pretty dreary, so staying indoors sounds like the best thing to me. Me on my little couch surrounded by yarn. Bliss!

    Hope you have a great weekend. We are back to school tomorrow. :/ Best wishes, Tammy

  2. Wow!!! That vacuum cleaner sounds AWESOME!!! I would love one here to help out like your Edna does..

    Love the new blog..

    Jodie :)


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