Monday, January 30, 2012

Slow as a slug!

I am feeling overwhelmed again and not much is going the way I want it to....that's life I guess.  Just one of those days when you feel like your taking 10 steps forward and 15 backward. I am so blessed though...I have the legs to take those steps.  
I've been spending so much time trying to get a banner made on Picasa and I have it but when I upload it's too big!  I did notice that there is a feature in Picasa where you can edit in Picnik for all you Picnik'ers. LOL!  
Anyway, I have much to do today so I had to "let it go" and just get to posting.  Still working on the kitchen among other things and that's my major project but today was also laundry and change sheets and a bunch of other "piddly" stuff that needed to be done.  I was going to post my German meatballs and spaetzle today that I was making for dinner yesterday but that never happened.  Hopefully, tomorrow or I'll be going hungry tonight! 

I finally got everything down from above the cupboards and finished washing it all.  It was mostly old tins and pots.  
Here's the pile of them......

I have some neat old cannisters that I had forgotten about...the lid for this one is still drying

The table is finally cleared of all it's clutter as a result of my "cleaning".  So, I guess there's some progress but boy, it's like a slow boat to China!


  1. ehh, slow here too. It is okay though for us to step back and breathe. {hugs}

  2. I love that big old cannister with the red handles... Your table looks gorgeous - nothing feels quite like sitting at a tidy table for a cup of tea don't you think??? :)

    Here's hoping things start falling into place for you soon and you work that banner out..

    Hugs - Jodie :)

  3. You can size your banner. I keep mine at about 980 pixels. But your book background is pretty wide. Might have to go into the Blogger Template Designer and resize that to make room. Just slide the bars in either direction until it's where you want it.


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