Sunday, January 29, 2012

Happy Sunday to everyone!

I'm late posting today because last night I went to bed REALLY early!  Like 6:00 p.m....I could not keep my eyes open!  It was busy at the consignment store yesterday but I don't work THAT hard!  I got back up at 9:00 p.m. and felt totally refreshed but now it was night, I read and then watched the news and got back to sleep about 11:00 p.m. and slept until 7:30 this morning!  I swear, ever since they messed with my thyroid I am like a slug!  I have a brief window of energy but it seems to be getting smaller and smaller! 
Anyway....look what my friend, Maura,  brought to me while I was at the shop!

Yes, you guessed it....cream filled chocolate eclairs!!!!!  Okay, I am not a candy or sweet person, well except for cookies, and ice cream and pies and some cakes but give me a plate of eclairs and I'm yours!
All my Christmas weight were because of the eclairs she brought me for Christmas.  Now what am I going to blame these pounds on?  I swear, you gain a pound per eclair and yet, they in themselves are very light!
I used to make these years ago when my kids were little and I stopped, thank God because  we'd all be on Biggest Losers if I hadn't but if Maura keeps this up there might have to be an intervention!  Thay are so good that I can't eat just one....I devour them until they are gone.  That's why I had to take the picture and blog because I ate half of them last night and as I sit here writing to you...there is only one left on the plate!  Oh..I am SO BAD!!!!  But only with eclairs, I promise!!!!
On a lighter's what came in the mail for me yesterday while I was gone.

It's my new Mary Engelbreit mouse pad!!!!  But wait...that's not all....

This is a storage/photo box with dividers inside for organizing your photos...but wait.....that's not all!

I saved the best for last didn't I?  I'd show you what was inside but it would blow you away.  Plus, I want to surprise you later when I make projects with all the delightful little pretties inside that box.  But you could probably get your own if you wanted as Current was having a big sale!  In fact, I almost wish I'd ordered 2 of these.  When do you ever have enough Mary Engelbreit anything?????  Not's never enough when it comes to ME or eclairs.  And yes, if you're wondering....they are all gone now.  YUM!


  1. Oh, I miss her magazine! I am a sweet person and I love eclairs!

  2. Oh, I love the art of crafting! I love all of the ME cute! I miss her magazine, too! ♥

  3. Did I already tell that I hate you? No? Okay, well I don't but I am stinkin' jealous of all the M.E. stuff that you have been getting!


    Hey Sam! do you have time to do a little craft?

    Oh! and I love chocolate filled eclairs but not many places make them!

  4. Hi Sam,
    Thank you for your good wishes for Richard's Mom.
    Well I see you have been a busy girl, e'clairs. yum.
    And just look at all your new stuff, good old mary, she does have some cute things. I miss her magazine. I have tons of her paper dolls, I saved them all.
    I would like a 60 degree day, sounds really nice.
    Nancy Jo

  5. Oh my, you won my heart with that photo of the chocolate eclairs! A total favorite. I wanted to come by to return the blog visit and thank you for your encouraging comment on mine. I love, love, love your mouse pad too!

  6. Eclairs are my favorite too - I have zero willpower around them!! Every time my MIL visits, she stops at the bakery and brings eclairs (I want to kill her for bringing them - but then gobble them all up)!


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