Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Books, books, and more books.....what can I say?

More books came in the mail today from a wonderful friend of mine.....ME!!! LOL!  But you know since everyone has the e-readers now, it seems real paper books are a steal!  Most of what I get is used if I can get them that way so they're really cheap and a lot of the type of books I get aren't available on the e-readers yet anyway.
Primitive Quilts and Projects is a magazine I subscribed to.  It is 4 times a year  but pricey so not sure I'll resubscribe but they have really nice stuff in them.  I just won't make that much stuff....ever.  
The other book is about flea market finds and antiques.  It was talked about on PBS once I think and if something sounds really good I write it down for future purchase (unfortunately, our library never has the book I am looking for...it's very small).  This was one of those "future purchase" books.

The Betsy-Tacy book is the first in a series of childrens books "back in the day" which I never read and never heard about but when I did I was right "on it"!  I love those old children's books and series and I've read a lot of them.
 The Memory Quilt is about the Great Cloquet Fire of 1918.  Cloquet is a sweet little town in Minnesota that I used to stay the night in on my way to Canada.  It was the halfway mark of 8 hours in a 16 hour trip.  I had no idea of this history so I will be very interested to read about it.   

YES!!!!!  More felting is in my future...I just know it!!!!  Aren't those darling projects on the front???  I want to make both of those for sure!  My friend that owns the quilt shop just made the one on the right with a black background in the size of a dresser scarf but when she "felted it" her "woven ends" came out and she ended up with holes in it in several places....I wanted to cry FOR her....not sure she'll be doing anymore felting or crocheting in the near future.  But as an aside...she said she knew she spun it for too long...she wanted to get the water out of it because it was so heavy and wet and she wanted it to dry faster.  WARNING.....weave in your ends REALLY well and do not use your spin cycle.  Poor Jamie.....it's lesson to all of us!


  1. There are never enough books! Never, in my book! hahaha

  2. Sam,
    I would say you are on a book mission! Lots of good books.
    You asked me about the paper dolls. Just google BETSY McCALL PAPER DOLLS.If it wasn't for the price of ink I would be printing a lot more of them.
    Well happy reading, and hey still no snow, Mother nature must be busy elsewhere this year.


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