Saturday, January 14, 2012

Thrift store "junky"...literally!

I helped out at the consignment store today and here's what I personally "nabbed" and brought home.  They need to be cleaned up yet but I already have plans for them!
This is a pottery piece or cement as it is heavy.  It's tilted for some reason so it might be hand made but no drainage hole so perfect for a plant inside

I also picked up this picnic basket and a wool blanket.....WOOL!!!!  My favorite fabric...woo hoo!

And isn't his cute?  It's going next to my tub, I think with "spa" ingredients on top of it...a pretty candle, a lace table mat, a bowl with handmade soaps....ahhh....I can just picture it!  But now I have to go make supper as I have nothing in this house to eat!  I hate when that happens.  Oh well, maybe I can play with my new treasures later if I have any energy left! LOL! 


  1. You nabbed some good things today! I really like that big cement planter? That's a jewel. Well, all of it really. The picnic basket is darling but I have a thing for baskets. Your idea for the table going by the tub with spa-like accessories is nice. I might have to copy that sometime. ;)
    I got to go to some really nice antique markets in Portland, OR today with my sister. Didn't buy anything...just window shopping and stealing ideas. It was so fun...topped it off with sushi and that made the day perfect. Was just thinking about you and thought I'd pop in and see what you'd been up to also. HUGS!

  2. I saw your comment over at "Down our Country Road" and had to pop over. I live in Fort Smith, AR. You must be north of me since you mentioned snow. This post is the first I have read so I will be following and now I am going back to take another look at your blog. I am curious about the consignment store you mentioned. I love thrift and consignment stores too. Well, take care.


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