Sunday, January 8, 2012

Got a few books in the mail yesterday...Woo Hoo!

I have been REALLY bad this week but then again...they are my Christmas and Birthday presents but they just keep coming and MOI has to pay for them! LOL!  Yes...I am my own "bottom line"!  I haven't read them yet but they look very interesting to me.

This one I have already read from cover to cover!  I have another book by her that I got at a thrift store  and I loved it.  She designs her own and it is "ART".  She's very famous and has things hanging in galleries!  I don't think that will happen to me but I would like to try and design my own applique pictures.  Stay tuned for further developements!

Today was our Craft Group from 1-4.  There are about 8 of us in the group but only 5 were there today.  We have it at my friend's quilt shop as she has everything right there...ironing boards and irons, sewing machines, supplies if we need to buy them, FABRIC, YARN and she's closed to the public so she can actually work on something for herself.  She's doing a wool granny square, to be felted, dresser scarf, 2 others were sewing quilts and myself and another gal were doing wool applique by hand.  I need to remember to take my camera so I can BLOG about it and show you how talented these gals are!
Now, I'm off to make dinner....which I will post about tomorrow as it's a new recipe from another blog I follow so tune in tomorrow...I have high hopes for it!


  1. Ooooh...the first two look really interesting! My mother made me a wall hanging, I think it would be considered an applique? It's very colorful and pretty. I don't have a place in my home to hang it that will show it off like it deserves. Love the new crochet (or is it knit) bag you made...that's pretty fancy!

  2. Those books look very interesting. Happy reading and crafting.


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