Friday, August 13, 2010

A little shopping therapy.......does a girl good!'s not like a "real haul" or anything but it got me out of the house and I didn't spend too much.  Most was from the dollar store....underwear in bright colors and some guys t-shirts so when it cools off I can use them to layer.  I found a finance/bill organizer with a band to hold them all in.  Each month has an envelope for the bills and a space to write them down with due date and amount paid etc. (if you've been reading my blog I have been working on "finances").  The colored striped package is multicolored  STARS!!!  I have my own chore chart and I am going to be giving myself STARS when I get my priorities done and when I have a certain amount of STARS I am going to reward myself....great idea huh?  Yes...I am nurturing my inner child.  The votives are apple/cinnamon and the white board is exactly that!  A white board with a marker but wait....that's not's MAGNETIZED!  Isn't that cool.....(it doesn't take much to impress me OR to make me happy).  I put it on my frig so I can write down grocery items when I run out or I'm thinking about them while cooking.  I might have to get another one....I could put it on my metal desk for listing those priorities OR I could put one on the side of my car so when I'm out and about but in a store....people could leave me notes when they see my car in a lot....hmmmm....maybe not such a good idea.  We have a new gift store in town...well, it's been there almost a year but I just went in today so it was new to me!  She had some neat things but pretty much all of it was outside my budget but I did buy some "Wood Wick "melties" and a refill bottle for my empty scent diffusers....all in apple scent as usual....I am SO wanting FALL to was 105 here today and the heat index?  Well....I just can't talk about it anymore.


  1. When I want just a little treat, I buy votives. I need to buy underwear!

  2. Hi Sam, how nice to hear from you, I wondered what happened to you.
    I see you have been cooking up a storm and wanting fall to come. It sure has been a hot summer I'll say that and I live in the northeast.
    Glad to see you are bloging again. I know I went on a bloging vacation for a few months. Wasn't sure if I would come back, but then decided I missed the girl connection.
    Hope all is well in your world.
    Nancy Jo


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