Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Whoops!!! Forgot the pics

This is a cheesy imported yellow lucite necklace but I LOVE IT!  Does that mean I'm cheesy?  Cheese IS yellow and I love cheese too.....hmmmm.... don't laugh....oh you can laugh...I can't hear you anyway!  I have been wanting to learn woodworking and I saw this little kit for children and I have also been wanting a chalkboard in my kitchen!  Double Whammy!!!!!  Of course if I ever get it made it will get painted red!  LOL!  Mostly to cover up my mistakes I think.  But if that little guy on in the picture can do it....stand back!  I will also wear my Wonder Woman bracelet just to make sure it all works out and I don't hurt myself.

Still has the plastic on it and thought I would use it for my pictorial dream journal.  What is a dream journal you ask?  Stay tuned for upcoming developments and announcements!

The tiniest birdhouse in the world!  Going in a plant for sure!  It's about 2 inches tall...too cute!  And crackled...who knew?

Since I AM the star of my own life, the stars were totally appropriate and who wouldn't love the retro red button earrings?  The little star and sun are charms....I guess I need to buy a charm bracelet now!

4 watches...what can I say...I couldn't make up my mind and the prices were SO LOW!  They need batteries and some cleaning....tarnish is a good thing! 

Here's the GOLD!  2 bracelets, a necklace and 2 pairs of earrings

There's the red tablecloth and some cute little potted plant cute they are!

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