Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Got the lawn mowed! Whew!

I am SO BLESSED!  It was the perfect day to mow!  All my neighbors were out mowing yesterday while there was a heat advisory and I knew I should mow but I'd already taken a bath so I figured I would mow today and LO & BEHOLD.....no heat advisory, I got an early start this morning and there were breeezes!  I barely broke a sweat...miracle of miracles!  It has been so hot here and don't get me wrong...I did not turn my ac off....but it was actually nice out and I enjoyed it and the lawn looks SO NICE now!  I would have taken a picture but after I mowed I watered outside and then promptly came in and took a bath and now I'm in my jammies!

So, I took pictures of a few items I got at the thrift store the other day that I never posted.  

This is a clay bird from Mexico that I will stick in one of my plants for a little decoration....under a $1.00

Isn't this little bluebird cute?  These types of decorations are so cute and are a VERY inexpensive way to add a little decoration to your potted plants.  I got the idea from an all-time GREAT thrifter....Nancy-Jo....check out her blog at www.nancy-jo.blogspot.com
This is a solid soapstone candle "platter"?  It still had the label on it and I don't think it had ever been used.  I think it was about $2.00 for soapstone!  You could also use it to set a plant on it as it is about 8-10 inches across.A little smaller but less than a $1.00 in my FAVORITE color...YELLOW!  I will probably use it as a candle stand.
I was just starting to check out when one of the gals started unloading a box with this basket in it...I said "I'll take it"!!!!!!  It is in really good shape with just enough paint missing to look "shabby" and in RED!  Now don't we just love us a bit of RED!!!!!  I probably should have saved it for REDNESDAY!  This was $4.00 I think but well worth it in my book!  It is about a foot across and at least a foot high and stands up perfectly.  I will probably use it for magazines.

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  1. I love adding whimsical little things to plant pots. It's a fun look! I love my reds!


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