Monday, July 19, 2010

It's MONDAY!!!!

This is one of my first quilting projects....Grandma's Flower Garden paper piecing.  I loved doing it and I made it into a pillow with hand embroidery and some embellishing with little tiny buttons.This is my little heart mini-quilt that I've been working on with those great binding clips I was telling you about!Can you believe it!  A candle actually called SUMMER?  This is Crabtree & Eveleyn...ahhhh....let SUMMER begin!

This is my wonderful OLD cat Patches.....she is 18 and "hangin in there" 

Sorry to all my are out there aren't you? LOL!  I took the weekend off, not really, but I was clearing and cleaning and trying to get a routine going around here which is actually working but doesn't give me as much interesting blog wonder I have no followers....I"M BORING!  But I don't bore myself so I guess that's the important part.
I hope everyone had a great weekend.  I did and it was very nice because it was more balanced than; a little cleaning, a little clearing (my thrift store box to take is growing and I've started a garage sale box now too)!  I saved Sunday for Rn'R and REALLY TRIED to relax and I did....a little.  I sew baby quilts for our Quilt Guild and I got one almost finished.  I try to have both regular sewing (sewing machine) projects and then hand sewing projects for the in the evening when I watch t.v.  I got my guest room cleaned up and part of the hallway and started on the linen closet.  I found some great summer candles in the linen closet that I had forgotten about!
I love that when that's like a surprise gift!
I'm almost finished with my little heart mini-quilt.  I finished hand quilting the hearts and used my new binding clips to keep the binding in place while I hand sewed it.  I should be able to finish it tonight!  Those binding clips are SO NICE!  It makes the whole process much easier.  If you're a quilter (I'm just a beginner) you will love these!
For some reason my pictures sometimes turn out clear and sometimes blurry.  I think it's the "shaking" syndrome but I have a Fuji 4.1 mega pixel digital camera but maybe it's time to "upgrade"?  If anyone has any solutions or suggestions please let me know meanwhile I apologize for the "sad" photography.

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