Thursday, July 22, 2010

Another collection???? HELP!!!!

Nebraska, Wyoming and Montana!   Only 45 more to go!

This is a LARGE plate and will probably take center stage.  It is very well done in different shades of sepia.  The back says England......are we even importing our state plates now?  Actually, it really can't be classified as a state plate but it was so gorgeous I could not pass it up! when did you start collecting state plates you ask.    When I saw these!!!!!  This is exactly how these things snowball!  I was just browsing when all of a sudden I found one, then another, and another and pretty soon  I knew I was on to something....this was NO COINCIDENCE!  I was MEANT to have them. So now I will probably spend the rest of life searching for the other 45!  This is much worse than the state quarter thing.  Woe is me.  (There are still 50 states right?  I haven't really been watching the news lately.)

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