Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Rednesday...not an original idea though.

Rednesday was started by  and she does it beautifully!  Please check out her blog and Etsy shop as she carries lots of vintage items and is a big Mary Englebreit fan.
I went to the thrift shop again.  I have got to watch it!  My theory was that if I went more often I wouldn't buy as much...WRONG!!!!  Here's what I got today and some things for Rednesday too.
BTW...all of a sudden I am getting into jewelry...I have never been much of a jewelry person other than to wear things that have meaning or have been passed down.  But all of a sudden I want some BLING!  I think it is because I am aging and I need SOMETHING to brighten me up a bit.  I am SO sallow and bluch just isn't doing it.  Also, I've been watching jewelry shows on QVC and love it but I can't afford that stuff especially if this is just a fickle fad with me and also where would I wear it?  To Wally World??? Plus, I watched Rachel Zoe on QVC with her FAB accessories which is another area I could use improvement in....I am so conservative...BORING! I heard she has a show on Bravo which I want to check out.  She is so cute and has such great ideas. So..... with thrift store prices I figure I can splurge a little to see if I can possibly "gussie" myself up a bit and experiment without spending a fortune.  I apologize about the blurry pics...I think my camera is going downhill since one picture is clear and the next is blurry and they all look good through the viewer until I download them....what's a girl to do?

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