Thursday, May 21, 2009

I spent ALL day on this can you beleive it ?!?!?!?

And I wonder why I get nothing done! Ha! Why can't I just clean like a normal person...oh no....I have to rearrange, clean and create! Ha! If only I could get all my house clean and organized all at once. By the time I get the rest done these bookcases will have an inch of dust and cobwebs on them.
Anyway....I got these bookcases about a month ago for $10.00 each at a moving sale! YES!!!! I scored big that day but of course I am just getting around to utilizing them now. So, I packed them full....told you I was a pack rat!


  1. What a great job! I like your decorating ideas! (and yes...I've had days like this myself..on more than one occasion!! LOL)

  2. Sam,
    Great job on the bookcase. Lots and lots of cute things on there. That sure was a good deal on those. And yes isn't it funny we both showed the gifts from each other on the same day?
    Nancy Jo

  3. It does look nice. and I bet you really felt good when you got it just right. We often get lost in our decorating huh? Love your blog.

  4. I noticed you stopped writing I know I've been busy also. I clean like you do one area will take me all day, while the rest of the house gets ignored. I will admit I am no clean freak, but your area looks cute and clean. I hope this motivates you to write a little more. I hope I write more also.


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